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Seven new Canada Research Chairs for Memorial

{Neil Bose} {Thormod Johansen} {Rangaswamy Seshadri} {Robert Bartolo}
Neil Bose Thormod Johansen Rangaswamy Seshadri Robert Bertolo
{Paul Snelgrove} {Dale Corbett} {William Dreidzic}
Paul Snelgrove Dale Corbett William Dreidzic

Memorial University will be home to seven new Canada Research Chairs, including Dr. Thormod Johansen, who is coming to Canada from Norway where he worked as an advisor and senior engineer for a number of petroleum companies, and specialized in developing simulation software. As Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Characterization at Memorial University, he will work on the development of new simulation methodologies and tools that apply to the entire lifecycle of an oil or gas field, from discovery to abandonment. Dr. Johansen's long-range goal is to develop new simulation methodologies and tools that are applicable to the entire lifecycle of an oil or gas field, from discovery to abandonment.

Memorial's other new Canada Research Chairs are Dr. Robert F. P. Bertolo, Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition; Dr. William R. Driedzic, Canada Research Chair in Marine Bioscience; and Dr. Paul V. R. Snelgrove, Canada Research Chair in Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems, Dr. Neil Bose, Canada Research Chair in Offshore and Underwater Vehicles Design, Dr. Dale Corbett, Canada Research Chair in Stroke and Neuroplasticity and Dr. Rangaswamy Seshadri, Canada Research Chair in Asset Integrity Management.

Dr. Bertolo's focus as the Canada Research Chair in Metabolism and Nutrition, will be to improve understanding of the role of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) in whole body amino acid metabolism. Dr. Bertolo's research will aid in developing more nutritional diets for patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, will minimize the debilitating effects of such diseases and improve overall quality of life.

As one of Canada's leading fish physiologists, Dr. Driedzic has been the prime proponent of the fish heart model for studies of the control of energy metabolism and biochemical adaptations. He studies fish hearts not because the tissue is singularly important, but because it provides a vehicle for investigating the full range of levels of organization from whole animal to molecular biology.

Within the marine environment, our understanding of the processes that regulate and maintain biodiversity is very limited, and even less is known about cold ocean ecosystems. Dr. Snelgrove's research will attempt to address this shortcoming by focusing on early life history stages and the processes that influence success, failure and the subsequent pattern of biodiversity.

Dr. Neil Bose's vision as Canada Research Chair in Offshore and Underwater Vehicles Design is to build strongly interrelated research teams in both underwater vehicle design and offshore vehicle design. These teams will address issues for specific projects that include the use of autonomous underwater vehicles for offshore environmental risk engineering; the study of wakes from dynamical positioning thrusters for floating offshore platforms; hydrodynamic performance of riser systems in deep water including high mode vibration, clashing and their effects on riser fatigue; the design of underwater vehicles for marine mining and dredging; and the design and performance of podded propulsor systems.

Dr. Dale Corbett, Canada Research Chair in Stroke and Neuroplasticity, will investigate novel combinations of intensive rehabilitation and drug therapy to enhance the repair processes of the brain. Potential mechanisms contributing to recovery will be identified through a detailed examination of cortical and subcortical neurons and circuitry using specialized staining and neuronal tracing techniques.

Asset integrity management is a broadly based multi-disciplinary and multi-industry effort that has been initiated by the aerospace, fossil and nuclear power generation, petrochemical, mining, and oil and gas industrial sectors. The research that Dr. Rangaswamy Seshadri will undertake as Chair in Asset Integrity Management focuses on important mechanical and structural integrity assessments affecting oil and gas facilities.

For more information on Memorial's new Canada Research Chairs, or on the chairs program, see www.chairs.gc.ca/.

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