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Institutional Animal Care Committee (IACC) Memebers

Name and Department
Dr. Robert Adamec, chairperson
Dept. of Psychology, Faculty of Science

Mr. Ken Austin, Manager
Animal Care Services

Dr. David Bell (secretary - Mary)
Religious Studies

Dr. Kurt Gamperl
Ocean Sciences Centre

Mr. Cyr Couturier (secretary - Sylvia)
Aquaculture Unit, School of Fishery Fisheries and Marine Institute

Dr. Goverdina Fahraeus-Van Ree
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Ms. Elaine Dodge (MUN student representative)

Dr. Gene Herzberg (prof, of Biochemistry, secretaries - Jackie/Betty Ann)
Dept of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science

Dr. Lenka Husa, director
Animal Care Services

Dr. Gilbert Kirouac
Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Bodil Larsen (secretary - Shirley)
Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Robert Gendron, Basic Medical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Lili Wang
School of Pharmacy

Dr. Hugh Whitney, Director, (St. John's City Council rep, secretary - Anne)
Animal Health Division, Dept. of Forest Resources & Agrifoods
{Memorial University of Newfoundland}