Sponsored Research Chairs

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Dr. Hodjat Shiri, Wood Group Chair in Artcic and Cold Region Engineering

The industrial research chair in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will benefit both undergraduate and post-graduate engineering students.

With the Arctic and cold regions a strategically important and challenging area of future industry development, Wood Group’s objective is to develop enabling technology and environmentally robust solutions for offshore oil & gas developments in these regions. Wood Group is investing $500,000 to sponsor the chair over the next five-year period in collaboration with Memorial University. Over the past five years, Wood Group’s similar investment has been leveraged by government and other funding agencies to enable additional research to be performed through the Chair program.

In his role, Dr. Shiri will pursue innovative research, development and applications for engineering in Arctic and harsh environments.


Dr. Faisal Khan, Vale Research Chair in Process Risk and Safety Engineering

Dr. Faisal Khan, Vale Research Chair in Process Risk and Safety EngineeringThe Vale Research Chair in Process Risk and Safety Engineering will develop highly trained personnel to create expertise and knowledge in the important area of safety and risk engineering, particularly in process systems relevant to mineral extraction and oil and gas processing.

Dr. Khan will generate new data and develop advanced methodologies and models for risk assessment and design of safety measure for processing facilities. He will also develop expert tools for fault diagnosis and accident prevention in processing facilities, develop advanced systems for risk-based integrity management and loss prevention in harsh and remote operating conditions as well as develop novel methods for inherently safer process design and operations. 

The chair is supported by Vale, RDC and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

Dr. Lesley James, Chevron Chair in Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Lesley James, Chevron Chair in Petroleum EngineeringAs the Chevron Chair in Petroleum Engineering, Dr. James will research ways to maximize the recovery of oil from offshore Newfoundland and Labrador fields based on an understanding of their fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interactions. Dr. James is also excited by the opportunity this work provides to bring locally relevant, real-world data and industry challenges into the classroom and teaching laboratory.

The Chevron Chair in Petroleum Engineering represents a new focus on upstream oil and gas research at Memorial University. Dr. James will be leading this effort through a world-class program of applied research.

This chair is supported by Chevron Canada Limited and RDC,



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