Dr. Amanda Bates

Dr. Amanda BatesCanada Research Chair in Marine Physiological Ecology

Phone: 709-864-3241
Email: abates@mun.ca

Research involves: Using physiology to predict biodiversity change.

Research relevance: Generate new approaches for managing and conserving marine resources.

Tackling grand challenges for predicting ocean biodiversity change
Our oceans are changing, and in response, so is life. Species are shifting when they breed, and moving into different habitats, altering existing natural systems and how we manage our natural marine resources. At the same time, humans are impacting ecosystems from the ocean’s depths to the poles in the search for new sources of food, energy, minerals, and biotechnology.

Dr. Amanda Bates’ research focuses on developing accurate and practical tools to predict biodiversity patterns. She engages with novel physical and biological “big data” that are emerging at high resolution and large scales, as remote-sensing of our oceans improves and expanding collaborative networks of researchers share their data.

We are thus at a pivotal point in the evolution of the discipline of “ecology” where data are available at unprecedented scales of space and time. Bates takes advantage of this data evolution to develop predictive tools incorporating both exposure to the environment and human activities with the biological sensitivity of populations and communities of species. To achieve this goal, her research is distinguished by creative analyses of data observations and experiments in the laboratory and field, using modern statistical tools.

Her research may shift ecological paradigms in our understanding of marine trajectories of biodiversity change. This shift will be accompanied with step changes in how we manage for, and communicate, ocean change.



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