NOTICE: As of April 1, 2016 you must use your Researcher Portal account to submit applications, amendment requests, annual updates, or personel changes to ICEHR. NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS will be accepted after March 31. We thank you for your cooperation during this transition period.



TCPS 2: CORE requirement

As of January 1, 2016, all faculty, staff, and students must submit complete the TCPS2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE) prior to submitting an application to ICEHR for review. Certificates of completion must be included with your application submission. If you have NOT completed the TCPS 2: CORE, please CLICK HERE to login/resister.




Application Forms

Memorial University faculty, staff, and students seeking ethics approval for research from ICEHR must complete their application for ethics review using Memorial's Researcher Portal

Researchers are required to submit their applications at least four weeks before they intend to begin data collection. However, review may take up to six weeks during periods of high volume, or to accomodate holiday and/or vacation absences. Ethically controversial proposals may take longer than four to six weeks to be reviewed. Incomplete appplications will be returned to the applicant and will not be assigned for review.


Application for the Review of Student Sub-Projects 

Students who are working on a sub-portion of a faculty member’s already approved project as part of their dissertation, thesis, or other degree requirements may be eligible to complete the Application for Ethics Review (Sub-Project) which is available from your Researcher Portal account.

Researchers who are unsure whether their project qualifies as a 'sub-project' are encouraged to consult with ICEHR prior to submitting this application form. If a proposal submitted as a 'sub-project' is deemed too dissimilar from the larger project, ICEHR reserves the right to require the researcher to resubmit using the main application form.  


Event Forms

If you already have an approved protocol and need to submit an annual update, request an amendment, report an adverse event, or add/remove project team members, you must do so from your Researcher Portal account. You can access previously approved applications by clicking on the 'Applications (Submitted - Post Review)' link from your Researcher Portal home page. 

For more guidance on submitting event forms please refer to the Post-review Application Management manual available HERE

Annual Updates

Article 6.14 (Continuing Research Ethics Review) of the TCPS 2, requires that an project update be submitted to ICEHR annually, prior to the expiration of your ethics clearance. This applies even if your project has been completed and/or you have graduated.

Annual updates must be submitted from the 'Applications (Submitted - Post Review)' link on your Researcher Portal account home page.

If you plan to continue the project, request renewal of your ethics clearance and include a brief summary on the progress of the project.If the project has been completed or terminated, and clearance is no longer required, request the file be closed and provide a brief final report.

Until March 31: You may submit your Annual Update Form by email to



If, during the course of your research project, you need to make changes that may raise ethical concerns, you must request an amendment to your approved protocol before implementing the changes. 

Amendments must be submitted from the 'Applications (Submitted - Post Review)' link on your Researcher Portal account home page.





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