Condolences for Dr. Richard Marceau

Below are submitted message of condolence for the family of Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research).


I was extremely saddened to learn of Dr. Richard Marceau's passing - In August of 2014, he was visiting a museum where I had been working for the summer and we ended up discussing my education, and what I had hoped to pursue. I explained that I had just completed the first year of my Undergrad and had just been accepted into the School of Social Work. Dr. Marceau took out a receipt from his wallet and wrote his name, position and contact information on the back and told me that if I ever needed anything, just to contact him. He also elaborated how important it is for Newfoundlanders to pursue higher education and contribute that knowledge to Memorial University in order to enhance the learning of students here. At that point, I hadn't even began my program and he was encouraging me to complete my PhD! This conversation has resonated with me ever since, and tonight I sit looking at this old receipt that I have kept for almost three years now. During my sole encounter, it was easy to see how genuinely passionate and kind this man truly was. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues. He most certainly will not be forgotten amongst the Memorial University community.

Rebecca French
Jan 11/17 12:09am, St. John's

I knew Richard for quite a few years, beginning with his time as Provost at UOIT. He was a great supporter of the Trottier Energy Futures Project, which I had the privilege of managing. I relied often on his wise counsel, which was always appreciated. He was a professional who was truly respected for both his insight into complex issues, but also because he was a very compassionate human being. He will be deeply missed.

oskar sigvaldason
Nov 05/16 11:27pm, st catharines

Richard Marceau: A man who made history with a smile! I had the privilege of working with Richard in his role as Chair of the ACENET Board of Directors and can say, without exception, he gave his heart and soul to his duties as Chair. Richard will be missed by all who were touched by his positive attitude, kindness, strength, and dedication.

Dianne O'Leary
Nov 04/16 1:41pm, CITL

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dr. Marceau on a number of occasions. In addition to discussing his experience as an academic leader, we spoke of our common experiences of battling cancer. He was always soft-spoken, engaging and a real gentleman in our interactions. Saddened by the loss of this humble, accomplished man.

Brian Hurley
Nov 04/16 10:06am, Gardiner Centre, FBA

Please accept my wishes of sympathy for your enormous loss. Dr. Marceau was prince of person and an outstanding scholar. He is dearly missed by all of us at MUN.

Jane Leibel
Nov 03/16 1:29pm, School of Music, MUN, St. John's, NL

AS the Coordinator of MUN Emergency Management during Dark NL in January of 2014, I appreciated the professional and practical insight he provided at our Emergency Operations Center on the Hydro generating plant in Holy rood. He was truly a team player in helping the university make decisions around the 3 day closure of the university and its impact on our academic programming.

Karen Alexander
Nov 03/16 1:00pm, Memorial University

My sincere condolences to Dr. Marceau's family.

Ronald Haynes
Nov 03/16 12:57pm, St. John's

Deepest sympathies.
He was a quintessential gentleman and a scholar.
Will be sorely missed.

Vinod Patel
Nov 03/16 12:02pm, Boca Raton, Florida

Dr. Marceau was an exemplary leader and a tremendous human being. His calm approach and rational decision making made him a remarkable person to work with. He will be missed.

Jennifer O'Neill
Nov 03/16 9:50am, Alumni Affairs & Development

Richard and I worked closely together since he came to Memorial and at our regular meetings he had an insightful way of getting to the crux of the issues working together for the best possible outcome for all concerned. This was often followed with discussions on the bigger issues of life. and despite his illness he remained hopeful and still put others first. I miss Richard deeply but will always be inspired by his commitment to do the greatest good possible for the University, the province, and the country

Dr. James Rourke former Dean of Medicine
Nov 02/16 8:13pm, Memorial

Richard Marceau was instrumental in establishment and growth of the Faculty of Energy Engineering and Nuclear Science at UOIT. He inspired me, personally, on many occasions, and ably led the young University through its difficult startup years.

He was a good friend. I miss him deeply.

Daniel Meneley
Nov 02/16 11:18am, 2330 Fire Route 26B, Lakefield, ON, K0L 2H0

I had the privilege to serve the Canadian Academy of Engineering with Richard for many years. Richard always had the perfect thing to say to move the discussion forward. He was clear, calm, always articulate and always right. His warmth flowed through every conversation. I miss him as a colleague. His family must miss him terribly. We will think of him always. Love and Light.

Dr. Kim Sturgess, C.M., P.Eng., FCAE
Nov 01/16 10:59pm, Calgary

I had the pleasure of working with Richard for several years as a professor in Genie Electrique at Ecole Polytechnique. He was an outstanding department head and a wonderful mentor. My most recent work with Richard was on the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI). The OFI is a tremendous legacy for Richard. It will is an immense project which could never have happened without his leadership. I am extremely proud to have worked with him. He was a true gentleman

Joshua Leon
Nov 01/16 9:20pm, Dalhousie University

Difficile de croire que Richard nous ait déjà quitté, lui qui débordait de curiosité et de passion. Nos parcours se sont croisés alors que nous étions tous deux doyens de facultés de génie. Ce fut un privilège pour moi de le connaître et de travailler avec lui durant quelques trop courtes années. Mes condoléances les plus sincères à sa famille et à ses proches.

Claude Laguë
Nov 01/16 7:22pm, Ottawa

Richard fought tirelessly against his cancer. He will be fondly remembered by Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) Fellows as someone who also fought for Engineers in general and CAE in particular w.r.t. Engineering's role in the Council of Canadian Academies and the CAE's Energy Pathways initiative and his collboration with the Bowman Centre and the CSSE.

Ken Putt
Nov 01/16 7:18pm, Sooke, BC

Dr Marceau was dedicated to his community, and that to him that meant getting behind the local United Way. His work to rebuild and grow the UW campaign on campus was an example of his great spirit and character. He is a great loss to the campus, and to the community as a whole. On behalf of United Way Newfoundland & Labrador, we send our sympathies and our best wishes to his friends, colleagues and his family.

Tammy Davis on behalf of United Way NL
Nov 01/16 1:31pm, St. John's

I was shocked and saddened at Richard's passing. My interactions with Richard during my time as Deputy Minister with the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development were pleasurable, insightful and thought provoking. Although his highly successful academic and professional life was predominantly focused on engineering, I was struck by his deep and intricate philosophies on governance, policy formulation, business and economic development, innovation and the role/mandate of academia.

Notwithstanding his impressive intellect and career accomplishments, he was a man of great modesty, completely unpretentious and always welcoming and respectful of others' views. I hasten to add that Richard, from my experience, was no 'shrinking violet'; his core principles and philosophies, though gently and tactfully explained, were not subject to compromise.

Richard's passing is a great loss for Memorial and for our province. I extend my deepest condolences to his family and to Memorial.

Alastair O'Rielly
Oct 30/16 7:58pm, Witless Bay, NL

Richard will be greatly missed by so many of us. His interest in our work in Labrador and the time he took to keep in touch with us in this region meant a great deal. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Martha MacDonald
Oct 26/16 2:04pm, Labrador Institute, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

There have been so many heartfelt tributes that have been written by others about this wonderful visionary and generous man, that additional words escape me.... Suffice it to say that I feel blessed that I did get to interact albeit so briefly with him. A personal and a loss to all at Memorial University and most especially, of course, to his family.

Paris Georghiou
Oct 25/16 4:40pm, Chemistry Dept., MUN

Richard was a genuine and truly honest individual. Far from standing on his pedestal in higher administration, he would take time to listen to the people he was serving, and from there engage actively in not only finding solutions but also pursue them until the problem at hand was resolved to everyone's satisfaction. If the world had more people like him, we would all be in a much better place. Rest in peace, you wonderful man.

Yvan Rose
Oct 25/16 2:18pm, St. John's

I found Richard to be a real gentleman who understood academics, research and public engagement well. He was very helpful to the Department of Economics and me personally. I was saddened by his passing and I wish to expressed my appreciation for your sorry and the loss to the university of a very respected man. His influence will live on, while he will be missed.

Wade Locke

wade locke
Oct 25/16 12:08pm, department of economics

Dr.Marceau was a remarkable person. He will sadly be missed.

Gloria Chafe
Oct 25/16 7:42am, C1026

It was a real honour and privilege to know Richard. He was truly a kind soul. Wishing his family all the best during this difficult time.

Keith chaulk
Oct 24/16 5:15pm, Calgary, Alberta



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