Intelligent Sensors

The Atlantic Innovation Fund Intelligent Sensor Platforms Project is a five-year applied research and development project led by Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). The primary focus of the project is the development of intelligent sensor systems including cameras and laser scanners that satisfy the real-world constraints associated with deployment on an autonomous or remotely piloted vehicle. The objective is to achieve high reliability, low power consumption, and real-time performance through the integrating of image sensing, acquisition, and processing within a single robust enclosure. The focus is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) but the sensor systems are also applicable to ground robots and unmanned underwater and ocean surface vehicles. The systems will meet the needs of industries which require monitoring in marine, harsh or remote environments, as well as those engaged in surveillance and security applications.


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Nicholas Krouglicof, Principal Investigator
Email: nickk at mun dot ca
Phone: +1 709 864 3745

Mr. Stephen Reddin, Project Manager
Email: sreddin at mun dot ca
Phone: +1 709 864 8208

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