PCB Assembly and Rework

The Capability

The Prototyping Facility is equipped with various equipment for assembly and rework of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):

  • Essemtec Expert-SAFP semi-automatic SMD pick and place system with split optic for fine pitch alignment
  • Essemtec RO06-PLUS batch reflow oven for prototypes
  • ERSA HR100A rework system with IRHP 100A IR-heating plate

 All equipment is intended for high quality prototyping applications.

Semi-Automatic Pick and PlaceExpert-SA

The Expert-SAFP  is designed for prototyping and small batches of PCBs. The semi-automatic placer allows error-free assembly of complex PCBs. The machine in the Prototyping Facility includes an optical microplacer for Ball Grid Array (BGA), micro-BGA and fine pitch placement.




Reflow OvenRO06-Plus

With a process area of 300x400mm, the RO06-PLUS reflow oven is intended for prototyping and small series. Features include an automated soldering process and a combined convection/infrared heating system that ensures homogenous temperature distribution and enables steep ramps.




Rework SystemERSA rework

The ERSA HR/IRHP 100 rework system combines safe infrared radiation and hot air for removal and replacement of surface-mount devices (SMDs). The hybrid tool delivers homogeneous heat to lead-free components ranging from 0201s to 20 x 20 mm SMDs.




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