FYI Registration

All students will need to register for their courses online using Memorial Self Service.

Registration time

All students are assigned a time to register. This assigned time is the earliest that courses may be selected and added to a class schedule. Memorial University uses a registration priority system to determine the date and time of undergraduate students' registration. This system is based on the program of study, the number of credit hours earned and the grade point average. For students new to post-secondary studies, early-offer scholarship recipients register first; all other new students register in accordance with a schedule based on the first three letters of their last name. 

It is important to register on the assigned date and time, or as soon as possible thereafter, to allow access to the best selection of available courses.

Preparing for registration

  • Determine the courses needed for your intended program. Review the sample programs for first year students at the St. John's Campus, or sample programs for first year students at the Grenfell Campus.  

  • If you have additional questions about registration or course selection, you are encouraged to contact an academic advisor for assistance. Email to reach an advisor at the St. John’s campus, and to reach an advisor at Grenfell Campus. At the St. John’s campus appointments can also be made through Navigate Student. At the Grenfell campus, appointments can be made through

  • Set up your MUN login ID, email, and Memorial Self Service.

  • Confirm your registration time - go to Memorial Self-Service, access the Student Main Menu and select Registration. You will be able to view your registration time for the upcoming semester. This information is usually available about a month before registration begins.

  • Create a sample schedule and timetable. Course offerings will be posted several weeks before registration begins. Although you will not be able to register for your courses until your registration time, you will be able to look up the courses and create a potential timetable. It is recommended that you create more than one sample timetable, in the event that one of more of your chosen courses is full when you attempt to register.

  1. You will automatically be registered for the Academic Integrity course.
  2. You may need to register for Science 1807 and 1808 if you are registering for a lab science course
  3. Registration in the Academic Integrity course, orientation and Science 1807 and 1808 will not affect your ability to register for a full course load. 

How to register

Registration for courses is done online through Memorial Self-Service.

From within Memorial Self Service select the Student Main Menu, choose the Registration menu. There are two methods for adding classes online:

  • Through the Look up Course Offerings menu - If you select Look up Course Offerings, you may search the course offerings by subject. You may also use the Advanced Search option to look for courses using more specific information including: Subject, Course Number, Day and Times Offered, Campus and Attribute Type.

  • Through the Add/Drop Classes menu - If you select “add/drop classes”, you will see the add/drop page. To use this method to add classes, you must know the course reference numbers (CRNs) of the sections you wish to add. (Note: If you do not know the CRNs, you can find this information by selecting the "Class Search" button). Once you enter the CRNs in the workbook, you must click on “Submit Changes” to process your registration requests.

Once the system has processed your requests, it will show the course(s) that you have been successful in adding.

Your tuition and related fees are listed for each semester once you have registered. To see how much is owed, visit the Financial Information menu in Memorial Self-Service. You can also use this menu to pay these fees. A list of other payment options is available. Textbooks are a separate cost.

Common registration problems

If it was not possible to be added to a course, you will see an explanation. Common reasons include:

  • prerequisite or co-requisite not met. Check the course description. You may need to register for Science 1807 and 1808 before being able to register for a science course with a laboratory; the MPT before registering for a math course; or your math course before your physics course.
  • time conflict with another course
  • course is reserved for students in a particular program
  • course is at maximum capacity
  • laboratory section required. If you are registering for a course that has a laboratory, check to see if the lecture and laboratory need to be selected separately.

Read these explanations carefully. You may be able to take further action as indicated in the pull-down list next to the explanation. For example, if it is possible to wait list for a course, further action is required.


A waitlist is sometimes created for courses that have registration reserved for a particular group of students for a limited period of time, and also if the course is currently full. The waitlist allows students to reserve a place in line for a possible seat in the course once the reserves are lifted or if space becomes available.

Memorial Self-Service will allow you to be registered and waitlisted in a maximum of seven course sections. However, once you become registered in five courses, all the waitlisted courses currently held will become inactive. If a course is dropped, the waitlists will be reactivated.

If you are on a waitlist, you should check your course registrations periodically through Memorial Self-Service. It is possible to become registered in a course if space becomes available; however, you will not be notified until you are sent your enrolment verification in late August.

It is strongly recommended that you not waitlist for courses when there are open sections of the same course available. If you become registered in one course section, other waitlisted sections of that course will be dropped.

Waitlists will be deactivated approximately two weeks before the start of classes. If you are not able to register for a desired course and you are no longer on a waitlist it is recommended that you speak with an advisor regarding available options.

Changing courses after registration

Once you have completed your initial registration you may make changes through the drop and add process. Most changes can be made through Memorial Self-Service. In those cases where registration is not available via Memorial Self-Service, it will be necessary for you to use a course change form. The course change form should be used only when changes cannot be made through Memorial Self-Service. Approval is required from the instructor and the Department Head of the subject of the course. The form is valid only if properly stamped or signed by the Registrar’s Office.

If you wish to change sections of a course (e.g. Math 1000) which is a co-requisite for another course, (e.g. Physics 1050), add the new section before dropping the old; otherwise you will become deregistered in the course which requires the co-requisite, in this case Physics 1050. Take care when dropping a course because you may be unable to add the course to your schedule again later.

If you make changes to your schedule, confirm the appropriate changes have been made by reviewing your course registration. Please ensure you know deadlines for dropping and/or adding courses each semester. Check the Relevant Dates for each semester and the University Diary for the current academic year.

Registration help

Students attending the St. John’s Campus can contact the Office of the Registrar at (709) 864-4445 or email

Students attending Grenfell Campus can contact the Office of the Registrar at (709) 637-6298 or (toll-free) 1-866-381-7022 or email


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