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Please note: All calls from outside of Memorial University should add (709) 864 before the extension (ex. (709) 864 XXXX).

Associate and Assistant Registrars


Academic Advising & Outreach

Registration & Enrolment Services

Graduation & Curriculum Services


Student Recruitment




Registrar Mr. Tom Nault ( Ext. 4437, Room A2008

Deputy Registrar (Operations and Academic) Ms. Jennifer Porter ( Ext. 4410, Room A2002

Deputy Registrar (Strategic Enrolment Management) Ms. Shona Perry-Maidment ( Ext. 8754, Room A1002

Associate Registrars
  • Systems - Mr. Robin Baggs ( Ext. 2689, Room A2001
  • Registration & Enrolment Services - Ms. Tracy Thorne ( Ext. 4428, Room A2006
  • Academic Advising & Outreach - Dr. Echo Pittman ( Ext. 3528, Room SN4053
  • Graduation & Curriculum Services - Ms. Maria Murray( Ext. 3705, Room A2005
  • Admissions - Ms. Roxanne Preston ( Ext. 3429, Room A2000
Assistant Registrars

Administration and Finance Manager Ms. Lori Thorne (, Ext. 4443, Room A2007


Associate Registrar, Admissions Ms. Roxanne Preston ( Ext. 3429, Room A2000

  • Admissions, International - (
    Mr. Peter Gill, Assistant Registrar, Ext. 4039, Room A2000;
    Ms. Chunyan Zhu, Assistant Registrar, Ext. 4425, Room A2000
  • Admissions, Newfoundland and Labrador
    Ms. Tracey Wall, Assistant Registrar, (, Ext. 4823, Room A2000

  • Admissions, National
    Ms. Michelle Honeygold, Assistant Registrar, (, Ext. 2527, Room A2000

  • Transfer Credits
    Ms. Rhonda Nash, Evaluations Officer, (, Ext. 4424, Room A2000

  • Challenge for Credit
    Ms. Rhonda Nash, Evaluations Officer, (, Ext. 4424, Room A2000

Applications for all programs except Medicine (general and supplementary applications) are received and processed by the Office of the Registrar. Admission eligiblity for all except the programs listed below is determined by Admissions staff in the Office of the Registrar. Otherwise, admission is determined by the related academic unit once applications are complete and in accordance with the admission process for that program. Inquiries regarding related admission decisions or schedules should be directed to the related faculty or school (see for a comprehensive list of available programs and links to contacts): 

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) beyond first year (Faculty of Business)
  • Bachelor of Education (All programs) (Faculty of Education)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Arts) or (Visual Arts) (Grenfell Campus)
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (School of Human Kinetics and Recreation)
  • Bachelor of Maritime Studies (Fisheries and Marine Institute)
  • Bachelor of Music (School of Music)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing Consortium)
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (School of Human Kinetics and Recreation)
  • Bachelor of Recreation (School of Human Kinetics and Recreaton)
  • Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) (School of Pharmacy)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (School of Social Work)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Fisheries and Marine Institute)

Faculty/School Inquiries

Humanities and Social Sciences  

Mr. Rob Nolan (, Ext. 3552 Room 2003

Business Administration

Ms. Victoria Greey (, Ext. 7409, Room A2003


Education Undergraduate Admissions Office (, Ext. 6934

Ms. Tracy Thorne  (, Ext. 8801, Room SN4053

Engineering and Applied Science

Undergraduate Studies (, Ext. 8813

Ms. Victoria Greey (, Ext. 7409, Room A2003

Fisheries and Marine Institute (Maritime Studies, Technology)

 Office of the Registrar ( (709) 778 0380 or 1 800 563 5799

Ms. Victoria Greey (, Ext. 7409, Room A2003

Grenfell Campus

Registrar's Office (  

Fine Arts, Theatre, Mr. Michael Waller (, (709) 639 6485

Fine Arts, Visual, Dr. Gerard Curtis (, (709) 639 2511 

Human Kinetics and Recreation

Mr. John Saunders, (, Ext. 8668, Room 

Ms. Elizabeth Hillman (, Ext. 3053, Room A2003


Medicine Admissions Office (, 709 777 6615,

Ms. Elizabeth Hillman (, Ext. 3053, Room A2003


Music General Office (, Ext. 7486

Ms. Michelle Honeygold (, Ext. 2527, Room A2000


MUN School of Nursing,
Centre for Nursing Studies,
Western Regional School of Nursing

Ms. Jennifer Porter (, Ext. 4410, Room A2002


General Office ( (709) 777 8300

Ms. Marie Donovan (, Ext. 8483, Room A2000


Ms. Tracey Edmunds ( Ext. 8266, Room A2003

Social Work

General Office (

Ms. Tracey Wall (, Ext. 4823, Room A2000

Graduate Studies 

Dr. Echo Pittman (, Ext. 3528, Room SN4053


Academic Advising and Outreach

Associate Registrar, Academic Advising and Outreach Dr. Echo Pittman ( Ext. 3528, Room SN-4053

Staff of the Academic Advising Centre may be reached by:
Telephone: (709) 864 8801
Fax: (709) 864 2404

Registration and Enrolment Services

Associate Registrar, Registration and Enrolment Services Ms. Tracy Thorne (, Ext. 4428, Room A2003

  • Registration (, Ext. 4445, Room A2001
  • Classroom Allocation, Ms. Rhonda Bowering (, Ext. 4432, Room A2001
  • Academic Room Bookings, Cheryl Hancock (, Ext. 4432, Room A2001
  • Examinations and Rereads, Ms. Claudette Kennedy(, Ext. 8267, Room A2003
  • Grading/Academic Records, Krista Butt (, Ext. 2676, Room A2003 
  • Transcripts, Ms. Claudette Kennedy (, Ext. 8267, Room A2003

Graduation & Curriculum Services

Associate Registrar, Graduation & Curriculum Services
Ms. Maria Murray (, Ext. 3705, Room A2005

  • Graduation Officer, Ms. Judy Jewison (, Ext. 8265, Room A2003
  • Staff of the Graduation Unit may be reached at or by telephone at 864-4435 or 864-8265


Associate Registrar, Systems Mr. Robin Baggs (, Ext. 2689, Room A2001

  • Student System Support, Ms. Patricia Walsh (, Ext. 2123, Room A2001
  • Statistical Reporting and Analysis, Mr. Glenn Perfect (, Ext. 4438, Room A2001


University Calendar

  • Editing and Production, Ms. Regina Bruce (, Ext. 8867, Room A2044



Office of the Registrar

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