Study Abroad

Semester in Ireland or Sweden
Interested in spending a semester in Europe? Be an exchange student at:

  • University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland)
  • Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)

For opportunities for advanced Political Science students, please visit the Canada-European Exchange Program (CEUEP) website, the European Studies site, or contact Dr. Osvaldo Croci for more information by visiting his office (SN-2034) or phoning him at (709) 864-8185.

You may also wish to consult the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' Study Abroad Student Handbook and our international exchange Questions and Answers.

For further information you may contact the Go Abroad Coordinator, Career Development and Experiential Learning/Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Centre, room 4010C; phone: 864-2152;

Semester in England
Interested in studying Political Science for a semester in England? The Department of Political Science participates regularly in European Studies programmes at our Harlow Campus (about 40km from London). The campus provides accommodation and some meals for students, as well as classroom and study areas. Its proximity to buses, trains and airports allows students to travel easily should they choose. While Memorial subsidizes the cost of Harlow programs to keep them affordable, many students rely on bursaries and scholarships to help cover their costs. Admission, selection procedures and final decisions are made by Harlow instructors on the basis of the program that they are offering. Generally speaking they try to be broadly inclusive and to make programs available to as wide a range of students as possible.

Harlow programs are normally offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. In the past programs have been in subjects as diverse as English, Geography, History, Folklore, Political Science and Women's Studies. To prepare for a Harlow semester students are encouraged to take pre-Harlow Political Science courses in St. John's. The Office of the Dean of Arts maintains a schedule of Harlow offerings.

"It was such a great opportunity to see and experience things. At first I was nervous...I feel so much stronger, more aware, and more confident now." (Cara, Harlow semester participant)


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