Physics 4000: Introduction to Solid State Physics

4000 Introduction to Solid State Physics
focuses on the relation between structure and physical properties in crystalline materials. An introduction to crystal structure addresses symmetry and reciprocal space. Phonons and lattice vibrations are linked with thermal properties of solids. Electrons in solids, including energy bands and semiconductors, lead to discussions of transport in solids.

PR: PHYS 3400 and PHYS 3750

What makes a good metal or an insulator? Why do some solids transport heat better than others? This course introduces the physics behind of the most useful features of solid materials. Its focus is on the essential link between the structure of material (its atomic composition and the symmetry of their arrangement) and its electron-based and vibration-based physical properties. Simple models do surprisingly well to explain and predict the electrical and thermal properties of metals, but semiconductors and insulators require more involved theories. This is an excellent course for students who are interested in science research, either experimental or theoretical.


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