Physics 3600: Optics and Photonics I

3600 Optics and Photonics I covers topics in geometrical and physical optics and applications of associated phenomena, principles, and concepts to photonics. Topics include geometrical optics (thin lenses, mirrors, and optical instruments), physical optics (two-beam and multiple-beam interference, Fraunhofer diffraction, reflection, transmission, and polarization), and applications (fibre-optic light guides, modulation of light waves, and optical communication systems).

PR: Mathematics 2000 and PHYS 2055

How do eyes form images to show us the vivid world? How do rainbows exhibit colorful patterns? Why does an optical fibre enable the transmission of information through the internet? This course explains the physics behind these phenomena. Physics 3600 (Optics and Photonics I) covers topics in geometrical and physical optics and application of the associated phenomena, principles, and concepts to the emerging field of photonics. Students who successfully complete this course will have acquired knowledge of the fundamental physics behind the design and operation of real-world optical components, instruments, and systems including lenses, mirrors, the human eye, microscopes, telescopes, antireflection and highly-reflecting coatings, light modulators, and optical fibre-based communication equipment.


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