Physics 3300: Intermediate Physical Oceanography

3300 Intermediate Physical Oceanography provides a physics-based introduction to both dynamical and descriptive physical oceanography. Topics include properties of seawater, geostrophy, conservation equations, wind-forced dynamics, large-scale ocean circulation and waves and tides. A survey of analytical, observational, numerical, and laboratory approaches is presented.

PR: PHYS 2053 and MATH 2000 or registration in Academic Term 5 of the Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Program.

This course explores the physics of the ocean. It builds on previous courses in physics and mathematics to model how the ocean behaves. What are the dynamics of large-scale oceanic gyres? Why do the large scale currents flow as they do? What does it mean for the ocean to be a rotating, stratified fluid? How exactly does the wind drive the ocean currents? What role does the ocean play in regulating the Earth’s climate?


Physics and Physical Oceanography

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