Course Webpages and Handouts

Links to some course first-day handouts can be found in the table below. Please note that these may not be current. Also see Course Offerings, Course List and the University Calendar for more course information.

1000 Level
1020Introductory Physics I Fall 2019Laboratories
1021Introductory Physics II Win 2019Laboratories
1050General Physics I Fall 2019Laboratories
1051General Physics II Fall 2019 Laboratories
2000 Level
2053Fluids and Thermal Physics  Fall 2019Laboratories
2055Electricity & Magnetism  Win 2019Laboratories
2151Stellar Astronomy & Astrophysics  Fall 2019 
2300Introductory Physical OceanographyFall 2019
2750General Physics VI: Modern PhysicsWin 2019 
2820Computational Mechanics Fall 2019 
3000 Level
3000Physics of Device Materials  Fall 2019 
3050Introduction to BiophysicsWin 2019
3150Astrophysics I  Fall 2019 
3151Astrophysics II 
3220Classical Mechanics I  Fall 2019 
3230Classical Mechanics II Win 2019 
3300Intermediate Physical OceanographyWin 2019 
3340Principles of Enviromental Physics  
3400Thermodynamics Win 2019 
3500Electromagnetic Fields I Fall 2019 
3550Electric Circuits   
3600Optics and Photonics IWin 2019 
3750Quantum Physics I  Fall 2019 
3751Quantum Physics II  Win 2019 
3800Computational Physics 
3820Mathematical Physics I  Fall 2019 
3900Experimental Physics IWin 2019Laboratories
4000 Level
4000Introduction to Solid State Physics Fall 2019 
4205Introduction to Fluid Dynamics   
4300Advanced Physical Oceanography  Fall 2019 
4400Statistical Mechanics Win 2019 
4500Electromagnetic Fields II Win 2019 
4600Optics and Photonics II  
4820Mathematical Physics II  Win 2019 
4850Quantum Mechanics  Fall 2019 
4851Advanced Quantum Mechanics Win 2019 
4852Quantum Information and Computing   
4900Experimental Physics II Fall 2019Laboratories
490AHonours Physics Thesis Fall 2019
490BHonours Physics Thesis 
6000 and Up
6000Condensed Matter Physics I  
6001Condensed Matter Physics II   
6012Advanced Photonics   
6310Physical Oceanography Fall 2019 
6314Field Oceanography   
6316Ocean measurements and Data Analysis   
6319Climate Dynamics   
6363Laboratory Experiments in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics   
6413Soft Matter Physics Fall 2019 
6400Statistical Mechanics   
6403Stochastic Processes, Time-Dependent and NonEquilibrium Statistical Mechanics
6800Group Theory   
6850Quantum Mechanics I Win 2019 
6900Techniques in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics   



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