Interdisciplinary MSc in Computational Science and supervised in Physics and Physical Oceanography

  • Arif, Md. Hizbul Bahar (2017) - Climate Generator (Stochastic Climate Representation:  120 ka to present year (Supervisor:  Dr. Lev Tarasov)
  • Alkadour, Bassel Ahmed (2015) - Micromagnetic Simulations of Maghemite Nanospheres in FCC Arrays (Supervisor:  Dr. John Whitehead)
  • Hemmati, Vahid (2012) Monte Carlo Simulations of the ABC-Stacked Kagome Spin Structure of XY and Heisenberg Models (Supervisors:  Dr. Martin Plumer and Dr. John Whitehead)

  • Royle, Adam (2012) Investigating the Evolution of Globular Clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy Using N-Body Simulations (Supervisor:  Dr. John Lewis)

  • Tricco, Terrence (2010) Simulation and Visualisation of Astrophysical Plasmas with Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics (Supervisor:  Dr. John Lewis)

  • Condran, Stephen (2009) Micromagnetic Simulations of Frustrated Triangular Antiferromagnets: Application to Magnetoelectric HoMnO3 (Supervisor:  Dr. Martin Plumer)

  • Hawkin, John (2007) Stochastic Dynamics of Globular Clusters (Supervisor:  Dr. John Lewis)

  • Mercer, Jason (2007) Computational Magnetic Thin Film Dynamics (Supervisor:  Dr. John Whitehead)

  • Nahed, Farhana (2007) Dominant Patterns of Interannual Variability in the North Atlantic (Supervisor:  Dr. Entcho Demirov)

  • Wanasundara, Nalantha (2004) Molecular dynamics simulation of the fully hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayer (Supervisor:  Dr. Jolanta Lagowski)

  • Deacu, Daniel (2002) Use of Finite Element Methods in Oceanographic Fluids (Supervisors:  Dr. P. Myers and Dr. S. Kocabiyik)

  • Tittensor, Derek (2002) Population distribution of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the Labrador Sea : a modelling study (Supervisor:  Dr. Brad de Young)

  • Shaw, Michelle (2000) Design of a modular Fortran 90 molecular mechanics package for hydrocarbons (Supervisors:  Dr. Jolanta Lagowski and Dr. R. Poirier)


Physics and Physical Oceanography

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