Maliheh Deyhim

Areas of Specialization: Existentialism, Phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty’s theory of human experience, Feminism, Feminist Philosophy and Phenomenology.

I received a Bachelor’s degree and my first Master’s in Western philosophy from the University of Tehran, and I have earned my second Master’s degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. In my first Master’s thesis, I focused on Gabriel Marcel’s existentialist account of hope. Having acquired a greater familiarity with the phenomenological tradition, in my second Master’s thesis, I focused on the feminine bodily experience of movement and speech, using Merleau-Ponty’s account of the “conscious body.” I believe that the phenomenological tradition resonates with feminist philosophy in multiple unthematized ways, and I am interested in reviving the connections between the two traditions. Currently, I am interested in investigating Muslim women’s situation, specially their experience of the hijab, using feminist political theories and phenomenological tradition. Up to the present, I have presented papers on the Rancièrean analysis of women's movements in Iran, a phenomenological account of the ambiguity of human sexual relationships, the possibility of political bodies, women’s exclusion from the production of knowledge, and the feminine style of movement.


Department of Philosophy

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