"I can't believe I was taking my medications the wrong way all these years, I am so thankful for my visit to the MTS Clinic. My doctor asked me to go see the pharmacist since my diabetes wasn't controlled and I learned how to take my insulin properly. I'm finally getting my sugars under control."

"My doctor asked me to see the pharmacist because I was taking a lot of medications that she wasn't sure I needed any more. The pharmacist worked with me to help me stop 4 medications. It wasn't easy but she took the time and walked me through it and I'm happy to say I take less medications and feel much better."

"I just got out of hospital and a lot of my medications were changed. The doctor in the hospital suggested I go to the MTS Clinic when I got home and I'm glad I did. I now understand why things were changed and feel much better about my medications."

"I heard about the clinic in a radio interview and thought, why not? So I called and booked myself in and wow what I learned! I understand my medications now instead of just taking them every day not knowing even what they are for. She even called my doctor and got my cholesterol medication switched from a powder I had to mix up to a little pill instead. Life is much easier!"

"I got a new doctor and he suggested I come to the clinic so that we could have a look at the medications I was taking. I had been taking some for over 20 years and things kept getting added and added. After the visit the pharmacist and my doctor worked together to help me stop some things that I don't need anymore. We are all happy I went to that visit."

"I was taking a bunch of medications for my heart and blood pressure and I was tired all the time. My brother told me about the clinic and suggested that I go. I wasn't sure at first but I called and they got me in. I'm happy to have learned that some of my medications could go to a lower strength so that they still worked to protect my heart but weren't causing me to get so sleepy."


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