"As a new physician to the St. John's area I have found this service very useful. I meet new patients at an introductory visit and can refer them to the MTS Clinic if I identify that they have drug-related questions or issues that I may not have time to dive into. Not only do the patients learn more about their medications, I get a concise list of what they are taking and why along with precise recommendations for improvements in their drug therapy." -- Family Physician

"Thank you for everything the Clinic is doing. There are a lot of clients in the community on a significant amount of various medications. The clinic is making a big difference in the lives of others who may not have had the chance to discuss their medications in such detail. To work with prescribers and ensure patients are on the best medications for them is extremely valuable." -- Community Support Nurse

"I've always been involved in trying to get patients off of unneeded medications and those that are potentially harmful but there were always time constraints. The MTS Clinic has helped by doing the 'behind-the-scenes' evaluation of what can be tapered safely and the proper time frame of doing so to avoid withdrawal and other issues." -- Specialist

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had no idea my patient was taking their medications improperly as we never had the time to chat about it in our visits. I feel much better about resolving the issues at hand now that I know what was happening at home." -- Family Physician


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