Laleh Alisaraie Associate Professor(709) 864-2734H-3423
Karina Arnold Pharmacy Skills Lab Instructor(709) 864-7490H-1751
Cathy Balsom Medication Therapy Services Clinic  Pharmacist(709) 864-2097TC132
Kimberly Burt Research Assistant, APPROACH Study(709) 864-2328TC131
Lisa Bishop Associate Professor
 Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies   (Acting)
(709) 864-8469H-1758B
Shawn Bugden Dean(709) 864-4400H-3436
Heather Bugler Secretary to the Dean(709) 864-4599H-3437
Denise Burke Intermediate Clerk Stenographer(709) 864-8139TC 103
Mike Chong Drug Information Pharmacist(709) 864-4736H-1649A
Amy Clarke Assistant Professor(709) 864-7832H-3453
Stephen Coombs Faculty Lecturer(709) 864-2725H-1751A
Carrie Critch Intermediate Clerk Stenographer(709) 864-6190H-3441
Noriko Daneshtalab Associate Professor(709) 864-2683H-3422
Erin Davis Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies (currently on maternity leave)
 Associate Professor
(709) 864-8815H3443
Nicole DaweClinical Assistant Professor
Kristine Day Grants Facilitation Officer(709) 864-2030TC125
Jennifer DonnanAssistant Professor(709) 864-3587H1758C
Scott Edwards Clinical Assistant Professor(709) 777-8521Waterford Cancer Clinic
Beverly FitzPatrick Education and Assessment  Specialist(709) 864-3741H1752
Terri Genge  Assistant Professor(709) 864-7800H3452
Mary Gibbons Administrative Assistant, Medication Therapy Services Clinic(709) 864-2274TC138A
Csop Glew  Manager of Academic Programs (709) 864-4378H3435
John Hawboldt  Associate Professor
 Chair in Teaching and Learning 
(709) 864-2090H1759d
Beulah JessoResearch Assistant, Smoking Cessation Program(709) 864-4536TC135
Debbie Kelly  Associate Professor
 Medication Therapy Services Clinic  Director 
(709) 864-7805TC129
Jason Kielly  Assistant Professor (709) 864-3434H1758F
Melissa KiellyPharmacy Skills Lab Instructor(709) 864-7348H3451
Joyce Kille-Marino  Visiting Assistant Professor (709) 777-7008H3478
Rebecca Law Associate Professor (709) 864-6154H3440
Tiffany Lee  Assistant Professor (709) 864-8980H1759a
Lisa LittlePharmacy Practice Coordinator - Experiential Learning(709) 864-4043H3433
Hu Liu Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
(709) 864-2315H3447
Jeremy McDonaldMedication Therapy Services Clinic Pharmacist(709) 864-2274TC131
Christa McGrath Program Coordinator, PharmD for Working Professionals program(709) 864-8421H-1751
Darcy McMeekinDevelopment Officer(709) 864-2163BG1001
Glenn Myrick

Information Technology Services Specialist

(709) 864-7961H3487
Kelda Newport

Project Coordinator, SaferMedsNL (Deprescribing Project)

(709) 864-2863TC-123
Hai Nguyen

 Associate Professor

(709) 864-8489H1758d
Ann-Marie O'Keefe-Penney

 Senior Administrative Officer

(709) 864-7128H3445
Kristi Parmiter

 Clinical Assistant Professor

(709) 777-1340H2616
Kerry Park

 Academic Program Assistant

(709) 864-2077 H3418
Ary Pevida


(709) 864-2401H-1753
Leslie Phillips


(709) 864-6772TC126
Nicole Pittman

 Medication Therapy Services Clinic  Coordinator

(709) 864-3473TC137
Marcia Porter

 Communications Advisor

(709) 864-8732TC-122A
Paula Ryan

 Laboratory Instructor

(709) 864-7628H3451
Wanda Spurrell

 Structured Practice Experience (SPE)

(709) 864-7900H1755
Barbara Thomas

 Clinical Assistant Professor

(709) 777-3550Waterford Cancer Clinic
Sharon Tucker

 Administrative Staff Specialist

(709) 864-6774TC130
Laurie Twells

 Associate Professor 

(709) 864-6655M4M135
Lili Wang

 Associate Professor

(709) 864-3986H3432
John Weber

 Associate Professor

(709) 864-7261H3415
Roy West

 Professor Emeritus

(709) 777-7274H2832
Stephanie Young

 Associate Professor 

(709) 864-7272H1759F



School of Pharmacy

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