DR. Joseph Brown

Name: Dr. Joseph A. Brown
Bachelors: B.Sc. St. Francis Xavier
Masters: M.Sc. Memorial
Doctoral: Ph.D. Queen's
E-mail: n/a
Website: n/a
Curriculum Vitae: n/a

Research Interests:


Dr. Brown's program was composed of both fundamental and applied research. The fundamental area of interest is applying theories of behavioural ecology to studies on larval and juvenile fishes. Dr. Brown and his Graduate students were involved in examining the development of foraging and predator-avoidance behaviour using the paradigm of threat-sensitive foraging, and examining the functional significance of kin-recognition in two species of salmonid fishes. The applied area of research is aquaculture. Interests in this area are focused on developing new species for cold-water aquaculture and improving culture techniques for various cold-water species.

Publications (last 10):

Killen, S.S.; Costa, I.; Brown, J.A.; Gamperl, A.K. (2007). Little left in the tank: metabolic scaling in marine teleosts and its implications for aerobic scope. Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-biological Sciences. 274 (1608) 431-438. (Click here for Abstract)

Hutchings, J.A.; Swain, D.P.; Puvanendran, V.; Rowe, S.; Brown, J.A. (2006). Genetic differences in life history reaction norms among populations of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Journal Of Fish Biology. 69 (233-233) Suppl. C.

Penney, R.W.; Lush, P.L.; Wade, J.; Brown, J.A.; Parrish, C.C.; Burton, M.P.M. (2006). Comparative utility of egg blastomere morphology and lipid biochemistry for prediction of hatching success in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L.. Aquaculture Research. 37 (3) 272-283. (Click here for Abstract)

Park ,H.G.; Puvanendran, V.; Kellett, A.; Parrish, C.C.; Brown, J.A. (2006). Effect of enriched rotifers on growth, survival, and composition of larval Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Ices Journal Of Marine Science. 63 (2) 285-295. (Click here for Abstract)

O'Brien-MacDonald, K.; Brown, J.A.; Parrish, C.C. (2006). Growth, behaviour, and digestive enzyme activity in larval Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in relation to rotifer lipid. Ices Journal Of Marine Science. 63 (2) 275-284. (Click here for Abstract)

Laurel, B.J.; Laurel, C.J.; Brown, J.A.; Gregory, R.S. (2005). A new technique to gather 3-D spatial information using a single camera. Journal Of Fish Biology. BLACKWELL PUBLISHING LTD, 9600 GARSINGTON RD, OXFORD OX4 2DG, OXON, ENGLAND 66 (2) 429-441. (Click here for Abstract)

Avery, T.S.; Brown, J.A. (2005). Investigating the relationship among abnormal patterns of cell cleavage, egg mortality and early larval condition in Limanda ferruginea. Journal Of Fish Biology. BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, 9600 GARSINGTON RD, OXFORD OX4 2DQ, OXON, ENGLAND 67 (3) 890-896. (Click here for Abstract)

Winger, P.D.; Walsh, S.J.; He, P.G.; Brown, J.A. (2004). Simulating trawl herding in flatfish: the role of fish length in behaviour and swimming characteristics. ICES Journal Of Marine Science. ACADEMIC PRESS LTD ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 24-28 OVAL RD, LONDON NW1 7DX, ENGLAND 61 (7) 1179-1185. (Click here for Abstract)

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Robertson, M.J.; Pennell, C.J.; Scruton, D.A.; Robertson, G.J.; Brown, J.A. (2004). Effect of increased flow on the behaviour of Atlantic salmon parr in winter. Journal Of Fish Biology. BLACKWELL PUBLISHING LTD, 9600 GARSINGTON RD, OXFORD OX4 2DG, OXON, ENGLAND 65 (4) 1070-1079. (Click here for Abstract)


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