Former Students


Acuña J-L. Post-doc. Feeding behaviour and rates of appendicularians in the Northeast Water Polynya

Chamberlain J. Post-doc. Simulation modelling of the impact of mussel mariculture on marine ecosystems

Crocker K. Post-doc. Grazing and nitrogen excretion by copepods at Ocean Station P and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

McKenzie CH. Post-doc. Phytoplankton community composition of Newfoundland fjords

Morris C. Post-doc. Fluid mechanics of feeding in appendicularian tunicates

Mumm N. (Decesed) Post-doc. Community composition of the benthic boundary layer zooplankton of Newfoundland fjords

Tian R-C. Post-doc Simulation modelling of the carbon and nitrogen cycle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Labrador Sea.

Saunders, P. Post-doc. Feeding rates of copepods and appendicularians in the Northwater Polynya

Trela P. Post-doc. Video plankton recorder surveys on the Beaufort Sea shelf

Doctoral Degree

Bochdansky A. Ph.D. Feeding behaviour and rates of appendicularian tunicates in coastal Newfoundland waters

Connelly T. Ph.D. Benthic boundary layer biogeochemistry and lipid and fatty acid content of benthic boundary layers zooplankton of the Beaufort Sea shelf

Choe N. Ph.D. Population ecology of appendicularian tunicates in Newfoundland fjords

Redden A. Ph.D. Copepod grazing and vertical particle flux in a Newfoundland fjord

Richoux N. Ph.D. Lipid and fatty acid content of benthic boundary layer zooplankton of Newfoundland fjords

Stevens C. Ph.D. Grazing, lipid and fatty acid content of the mesozooplankton of the Northwater Polynya

Masters Degree

Callahan A. M.E.Sc. Abundance and population genetics of invasive ascidians in Newfoundland

Choe N. M.Sc. Population ecology of benthic boundary layer chaetognaths

Jackman, L. M.E.Sc. The effect of drilling mud on respiration by marine mysids

Riehl M. M.Sc. Appendicularian growth and house production rates

Stacey J. M.Sc. Impact of mussel mariculture on zooplankton populations

Urban J. M.Sc. Diet and faecal pellet density of copepods and appendicularians

von Harbou L. M.Sc. Production and consumption of transparent exopolymer particles by ascidian tunicates


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