N5210 - Health Care Systems

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Admission to the BN (Post-RN) program, English 1xx3 and N2230

Overview: This course enables the student to gain knowledge and understanding of the philosophical bases and practical considerations inherent in the organization and administration of health care delivery systems in general and in Canada in particular. Included are comparisons among world health care systems; cultural and social factors which influence health behaviour and health seeking decisions of people; Federal and Provincial Governments' responsibilities for delivery of health services in Canada; overview of management and evaluation strategies in the administration of these services; the role and responsibilities of professional health care providers in the planning of health services; and, discussion on related issues and future trends in the delivery of health care to Canadians.

This is a senior level course that has few formal course pre-requisites. In deciding when you should take this course as you develop your program plan be aware that students are expected to display the ability to think analytically, to be independent learners, and to be resourceful with a minimum of assistance from the course professor. Writing skills, library use skills and presentation skills are expected to be at a high level and well established.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe a model of a health care system that includes the major components and the major factors shaping the system
  • Compare major types of national health systems and differences in health status indicators across countries
  • Describe the historical development of Canadian health care systems and the political framework and policy processes for health care in Canada
  • Describe common organizational structures, administrative approaches and evaluation strategies within the Canada health care system
  • Critically analyze a health care issue, drawing on reliable and scholarly sources of knowledge and information

Course Content:

Unit 1-Models of Health care
Unit 2-Health and health determinants
Unit 3-The political system and health/health care system
Unit 4-Canada's Health Care system(s)
Unit 5-Health human resources
Unit 6-Health research
Unit 7-Health service organization: Hospitals and nursing homes
Unit 8-Health Service organizations: Community - Based health services
Unit 9-Health status and health information
Unit 10-Health care restructuring
Unit 11-Influencing health and health care policy

Evaluation: To receive a credit for N5210, the student must achieve a course composite grade of 65 per cent. The student is evaluated through critical analysis of health care news item, a health care system related issue and a final exam.

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