N4701 - Current Concepts in Pathophysiology

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite:N2740, Admission to BN(Post-RN) Program or admission to the Bachelor of Technology Program

Overview: This course focuses on common pathogenic processes and reviews the pathophysiology of selected diseases to illustrate these processes.? Clinical manifestations and management of these diseases are related to the underlying pathophysiology.? This course requires an understanding of basic physiology.

Course Objectives:? Specific course objectives relevant to the topic will be found at the beginning of each unit.? They will also be obvious from the questions which guide you're reading.? After doing the appropriate reading, excercises, and assignments, you should be able to:

  • identify the key pathogenic processes responsible for the majority of diseases;
  • explain the manifestations and management of selected disease and health states in terms of pathophysiology of those states; and
  • identify the implications for nursing of selected pathophysiologic states.

Course Content:

Unit 1?-?Pathophysiology
Unit 2?-?Homeostatic Mechanism
- HPA Axis
- Restoration of Volume
- Correction of Acid-Base Imbalances
Unit 3?-?Hypoxia
Unit 4?-?Diabetes
Unit 5?-?Atherogenesis
- Atherogenesis
- Hypertension
- Ischemic Heart Disease
Unit 6?-?Inflammation
Unit 7?-?The Immune Response
Unit 8?-?Infection
Unit 9?-?Pain
Unit 10?-?Neoplasia
Unit 11?-?Shock

Evaluation:? To receive credit for N4701, students must achieve a course composite grade of at least 65 per cent.? The student is evaluated through a midterm exam, a final exam and a paper.? All exams are short-answer, case-based exams.

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