N4010 - Community Health Nursing I

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite:N2040, N2230, N2700, N3023, N4002, Admission to the BN (Post RN) program

Overview: Nursing 4010, is a distance course offered by Memorial University.? The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts, theoretical frameworks and knowledge bases comprising the field of community/public health.? A second objective is to discuss the various approaches used in community health to synthesize different theoretical perspectives and knowledge domains into a comprehensive whole to facilitate collaborative endeavours with all client levels (i.e. individuals, families, groups and communities).

The content of this course is grounded within a primary health care framework.? This approach is consistent with the evolving changes occurring in community health practice in local, provincial, national and international settings.? The major prinicples of primary health care are threaded throughout the discussions comprising each unit.? Special consideration is given to how community health nursing can most effectively integrate and apply knowledge from nursing, the social sciences and public health in variant practice situations to meet the goals and objectives of primary health care.

Course Objectives:

  • Utilize scientific and theoretical knowledge as the basis for providing nursing care to clients in the community.
  • Demonstrate critical appraisal and selected use of research findings in providing nursing care.
  • Complete a basic assessment of a client in the community with due consideration to multiple determinants of health.
  • Utilize a collaborative decision - making approach in planning nursing care.
  • Identify and critically appraise relevant health promotion and/or illness and injury prevention strategies for select aggregates/groups.
  • Evaluate the effect of nursing interventions with all client levels ( i.e., individuals, families, groups, and communities).
  • Analyze the roles of community health nurses and other members of the community health team ( i.e., health care providers, community groups, etc.).
  • Apply the principles and methods of epidemiology to select nursing care situations.
  • Identify and discuss current issues and trends in community health nursing.
  • Demonstrate a self - directed approach to professional development.

Course Outline:

Unit?1? -?Promoting quality in community health - primary health care model for practice
Unit 2?-?Family as client in community health
Unit 3?-?Determinants of health and population health strategies
Unit 4?-?Health promotion and community empowerment and development initiatives
Unit 5?-?Population health - select community groups
Unit 6?-?Epidemiology and communicable diseases
Unit 7?-?Environment and occupational health
Unit 8?-?Health Public Policy
Unit 9?-?Summary and trends in community health

Evaluation: To receive a credit for N4010, students must achieve a course composite grade of at least 65%.? The student is evaluated through assignments focused on analysis of a health issue in community health, a critical discussion linking health promotion with an aggregate group and a final exam.

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