N4002 - Nursing Research: Methodology and Critique

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Statistics 2500 or equivalent, or Education 2900, Admission to the BN (Post RN) program

Overview: This course provides a comprehensive overview of the essentials of research in nursing and other health-related fields.? The course describes and explains the steps of the research process and pays particular attention to the critique and evaluation of research studies for appropriate utilization of research findings in practice.? Although emphasis is given to quantitative approaches to conducting research, a number of qualitative research methods are also discussed.? The overall purpose of the course is to provide you, the student, with the necessary beginning skills to identify researchable nursing and health-related problems, to be knowledgeable, informed and critical readers of the research literature, and to appropriately utilize research-generated knowledge so that your clinical practice is "evidence-based".

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of nursing research and how research expands knowledge in nursing and health
  • Define the variety of roles nurses may assume in the research process
  • Discuss the elements of ethical nursing research
  • Examine the concepts relevant to nursing research methods
  • Compare and contrast the major purposes and approaches used in quantitative and qualitative research in nursing
  • Examine the steps of the qualitative research process
  • Examine data analysis techniques in research reports
  • Demonstrate an ability to critique both quantitative and qualitative nursing research studies at each step of the research process
  • Appraise nursing research studies for their utility in nursing practice

Course Outline:

Unit 1?-?Discovering Nursing Research
Unit 2?-?Understanding Quantitative Research
Unit 3?-?Examining Ethics in research
Unit 4?-?Reading and summarizing research literature
Unit 5?-?Examining research problems, purposes and hypotheses
Unit 6?-?Understanding theory and research frameworks
Unit 7?-?Clarifying quantitative research designs
Unit 8?-?Introduction to qualitative research design and analysis
Unit 9?-?Populations and samples
Unit 10?-?Measurement and data collection in quantitative research
Unit 11?-?Understanding statistics in research
Unit 12?-?Critiquing research studies
Unit 13?-?Using research in nursing practice

Evaluation: To receive a credit for N4002, students must achieve a course composite grade of at least 65%.? The student is evaluated through assignments focused on identifying research topics and searching the literature, a critique of a quantitative research report.

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