Past Thesis Projects (1985 - 2019)


Collins, Carmel; The Nurse Practitioner Role is Ideally Suited for Palliative Care Practice: A Qualitative Study. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Small.

Hodge, Janelle;  The Lived Experience of Prophylactic Total Gastrectomy: A Phenomenological Inquiry. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.


Hennebury, Alicia; Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management: An Exploration of Knowledge and Practice. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Kean, Kelly; The Transition Experience for Registered Nurses New to Case Management in the Community. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.

McCully, Susan; The Process of Implementing a New Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative for Nurses: A Grounded Theory Study. Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Murray


Brown, Cynthia; Assessing the Impact of High-Fidelity Simulated Interprofessional Clinical Experience on the Attitudes, Collaboration and Teamwork in Health Sciences Students. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Sandra MacDonald. 

Chaisson, Moira; Exploring Infection Prevention and Control Education in Atlantic Canadian Undergraduate Nursing Education Programs. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Churchill, Natasha; Exploring the Lived Experience of Nursing Students who Encounter Inter-Colleague Violence during Clinical Placement: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Colbourne, Peggy; Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Lived Experience of High-fidelity Pediatric Simulation: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Cindy Murray/Dr. Sandra Small.

King, Krista; English-as-a-Second Language Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Standardized Patients as a Teaching-Learning Tool. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Caroline Porr.

Randell, C. Michelle; Women’s Lived Experience of Birth Doula Support: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Small.

Robar, Jessica; Novice Nurses in the Emergency Department: The Lived Experience. Supervisor: Dr. Karen Parsons.

Taylor, Doris; Adjusting to the Role of a New Registered Nurse in Acute Care on Prince Edward Island: An Interpretive Descriptive Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Anne Kearney.


Narduzzi, Kate; Discharge information and its relationship to quality of care and transition outcomes following short stay hysterectomy: a pilot study. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Northcott, Crystal; Grief and Coping Post-Pregnancy Loss: A Comparison Between Men and Women. Supervisors: Dr. Cindy Murray/Dr. Lan Gien.

Sullivan, Julie; The Experience of Women who Undergo an Emergency Caesarean Section: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Cindy Murray.


Crane, Ashley; A Qualitative Exploration of Orientation: Perceptions of Novice Nurses. Supervisors: Dr. Victor Maddalena/Dr. Anne Kearney.

Sharma, Jyoti; Obesity, Eating Patterns, and Physical Activity of Adolescents: A Comparison of Two Rural Communities in Newfoundland. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Tavenor, June; Preceptoring New Graduate Nurses In Emergency Care: The Lives Experience of the Preceptors. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Whitehorne, Karen; The Lived Experience of ICU for Persons Who have Experienced Delirium: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Dr. Robert Meadus.


Jones, Natalie; Interaction with Health Professionals and change in Canadian Adolescents’ Social Support Perceptions from the Prenatal to the Postnatal Period. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Cindy Murray.

Fiander, Jacqueline; Experience of Individuals Living with Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) in Families with Exon 8 Deletion Mutations: A Modified Grounded Theory Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Kellett, Peter; The Contextual Performance of Masculinity and Caring by Men Nurses: An Exploration of Men’s Caring within a Profession Numerically Dominated by Women. Supervisor: Dr. Robert Meadus.


Dobbin-Williams, Karen; Surgical Site Infection in Vascular Exploration of Risk Factors and Nursing Interventions. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

LeDrew, Holly; Psychometric Testing of a Scale Designed to Monitor the Psychosocial and Behavioral Impact of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Smith-Young, Joanne; Constant Negotiating: Working with Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs). Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Faulkner, Tracy-Lee; Young Adults Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Karen Parsons.

Glynn, Erin; Women Living with Psoriasis: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Karen Parsons.


Barron, Andrea; Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder and the Crab Processing Industry: An Analysis of Gender Differences. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Bower, Lisa; Home Care Nurses’ Appraisals and Coping Strategies in a Critical Incident. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Hemeon, Karen; Alcohol Consumption During and After the Atlantic Ground Fish Strategy in a Newfoundland and Labrador Community Affected by the Cod Moratorium. Supervisors: Dr. Lan Gien/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Kelly, Lou-Ann; Examining Changes in Caregiving During And After the Atlantic Ground fish Strategy in a Select Newfoundland Coastal Community Affected by The Cod Moratorium. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.


Cumby, Jill; Women’s Experience of Treatment for Depression: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Alice Gaudine.

Mohidin, Sharifah; A Phenomenological Study: The Lived Experience of Women with Breast Cancer who are Receiving Adjuvant Therapy. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Squires, Janet; Does the Use of Policies and Procedures Promote Evidence-Based Nursing Practice? Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Stanely-Newton, Lorelei; An Examination of Factors Related to Burnout among Mental Health Nurses. Supervisors: Dr. Alice Gaudine/Dr. Doreen Dawe.


Snow, Nicole; Perceived Health Needs of Single Mothers Attending University in Newfoundland & Labrador: A Focus Group Study. Supervisors: Lorna Bennett/Doreen Westera.


Burke, Catherine; Factors Influencing Uncertainty and Health Status Outcomes in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Patients. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Karen Webber.

English, Denise; The Experiences of Mothers Caring for Ventilator-Dependent Children: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: 

Ferguson, Euna; Family Caregivers’ Adjustment after Nursing Home Admission of a Relative. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Karen Webber.

Hicks-Stratton, Catherine; The Experience of Foodbank Usage Among Women: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Lilly, Anne; The Lived Experience of Type 1 Diabetes in Adulthood: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Manuel, April; “Creating a Sense of Peace.” A Phenomenological Study Of The Experience of a Family Member Consenting to Donate a Deceased Relative’s Organs. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Wells, Judith; Individuals’ Perceptions Of End Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis and its Association With Adjustment and Health-Related Quality of Life: A Longitudinal Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.


Cashin, Geraldine; The Lived Experience of Fathers who have Children with Asthma: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Small.

Coombs, U. Eileen; Understanding the Experience of Spousal Caregiving For Survivors of a Stroke: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Doreen Dawe.

Earle, Vicki; Nurses’ Experience Caring for Clients with Dementia: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Karen Parsons.

Froude, Susan; Knowledge of Post-Partum Depression. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Maureen Laryea.

Moody, Judith; Mothers’ Experience of a Child with a Learning Disability: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Doreen Dawe.

Mulyono, Sigit; Health Risk Behaviour Survey of School Age Children In Two Indonesian Villages. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Donna Moralejo.

O'Brien Connors, Marguerite; Individuals Experience with End Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis Treatment. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Spurrell-Porter, N. Suzette; Tracking Immunization Delivery in the Community. Supervisor: Dr. Donna Moralejo.

Taylor, Heather; Taking Care of Yourself: A Grounded Theory Study About How Young Women Make a Decision About Having a Papanicolau Test. Supervisors: Karen Webber/Dr. Maureen Laryea.


Afiyanti, Yati; The Experience of being a First-time Mother in Rural Indonesia: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. S. Solberg/Kay Matthews.

Anderson, Colleen; Parents Attitudes Toward Pain Medication, Parents’ Perception Of Children’s Pain and Parent’s Management of Children’s Pain at Home Following Day Surgery or Short-Stay Surgery.Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Andrea Brennan-Hunter.

Anstey, Sue Ann; The Relocation of Elderly From Community to Long-Term Care: A Grounded Theory Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Doreen Dawe.

Baker, Norma; Health Care Restructuring In Acute Care Settings: Implications for Employee Attitudes. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Davis, Judy; Implications of Acute Care Restructuring for Managerial Personnel. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

King-Jesso, Pam; The Development of a Discharge Planning Resource Manual For the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Morgan, Natalie; The Impact of Health Care Reform on Community Health Nurses’ Attitudes. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Muir, Shannon; Factors Influencing the Maternal use of Oral Rehydration Solution in the Home Treatment of Childhood Diarrhea in West Java, Indonesia. Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Kay Matthews.

Nurhaeni, Nani; Assessment of the Feasibility of Modifying Risk Factors for Acute Respiratory Infection in Children under Five Year of Age in West Java, Indonesia. Supervisors: Dr. Donna Moralejo/Karen Webber.

Turner, Barb; Developing a Learning Needs Assessment Tool for Palliative Care Providers in NF& LB. Supervisors: Dr. Sandra LeFort/Dr. Carole Orchard.

White, Marilyn; A Correlational Study Examining the Relationships Among Maternal Breastfeeding Self- Efficacy, Problem-Solving Skills, Satisfaction with Breastfeeding Experience and Duration. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Wiarshi, Wiwin; Empowerment as a Way to Improve Nutrition in Pregnancy. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Torraville, Peggy; Adolescent Suicidal Behaviours: A Phenomenological Study of Mothers’ Experiences. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Dr. Christine Way.

Watkins, Kathy; The Meaning of Perinatal Loss for Women in Newfoundland: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Dale, Sheilagh; The Lived Experience of Bulimia Nervosa: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Stuckless, Jeannie; The Relationship between Attitude and Participation in Physical Activity among Older Women. Supervisors: Dr. Doreen Dawe/Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Carter, Sandra; Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Employment Status During a Period Of Economic Uncertainty. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Andrews, Dorothy; Appraisal of Clinical Teaching Behaviours by Diploma Nursing Students and Their Clinical Instructors: A Comparative Study. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

Andrews, Jeanette; A Phenomenological Study: The Experience and Meaning of Being Pregnant and on Social Assistance. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Dominie, Mary Ellen; Nurses’ Experiences with Pain Management: A Grounded Theory Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Earle-Crane, Michelle; The Quality of Prenatal Care: Experience of Women Attending Healthy Baby Clubs. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Gillam, Susan; Social Pressures and Resistance to Cigarette Smoking: A Phenomenolgoical Study. Supervisors: Dr. Shirley Solberg/Kay Matthews.

Murray, Cindy; Unemployment and the Mental Health of Newfoundland Women Affected by Fishery Closure. Supervisors: Dr. Lan Gien/Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Noftall, Alice; The Experience of Men whose Partners are Hospitalized for High-Risk Pregnancies: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Maureen Laryea.

Parsons, Sheila; Mothers’ Experience in Living with a Child with Encopresis: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Stevens, L. Katherine; Comparison of Perinatal Health Prior to and After the Northern Cod Fishery Closure in Selected Newfoundland Communities. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Pyne, Donna; Nurses’ Perceptions of the Impact of Health Care Reform and Job Satisfaction. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Ruelokke, Violet; Nurses’ Perceptions of their Empowerment to be Patient Advocates. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Yetman, Marion; Becoming a Mother in the NICU: A Grounded Theory Study. Supervisors: Dr. S. Solberg/Dr. M. Laryea.


Spracklin, Elizabeth; Caregivers’ Perception of Health, Burden, Social Support, and Care Receiver Problems. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Warren, Sylvia; Factors Associated with the Cessation of Exclusive Breastfeeding among a Select Group of Newfoundland Mothers. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Grainger, Patricia; Perceptions of Health, Social Support, and Health-Promoting Behaviours of Angioplasty Patients. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Hynes, Elizabeth; Learning Needs and Perceived Self- Efficacy of Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain. Supervisor: Dr. Marianne Lam.

Keeping, Lisa; Living with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD). Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

King-Murphy, Lorraine; The Lived Experience of Anorexia Nervosa: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Sturge-Jacobs, Marilyn; The Experience of Living with Fibromyalgia for Women in Newfoundland: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Wadman, Wanda; Staff Nurses’ Attitudes and Perceptions toward Nursing Research. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Adams, Barbara; Information Needs, Informational Support and Psychosocial Adjustment in Persons with Head and Neck Cancer. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

Beaudry, Robyn; Women's Lived Experience with Midwifery Support: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Carroll, Ann Marie; Primiparous Mothers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Postpartum Parent Support Program (PPSP) at the Second to Fourth Postpartum Weeks. Supervisor: Kay Matthews.

Paquette, Shirley; Women's Lived Experience of Natural Menopause. Kathryn Hustins
Sellars, Faith Health Promoting Behaviours Following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Influencing Factors. Supervisor: Marianne Lamb.

Smith, Sharon; A Study of Patient Falls in a Long Term Care Institution Before and After the Implementation of a Fall Prevention Program. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

Tobin, Brenda; "Getting Back to Normal: Women's Recovery After a Myocardial Infarction: A Grounded Theory Study". Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Twomey, Creina; The Impact of AIDS Education on Seventh and Eighth Grade Adolescents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about AIDS. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Coady, Regina; Factors Influencing Medication Taking Behaviours of a Sample of Newfoundland Elderly with Hypertension. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

Fagner, Glenda; The Process of Precepting Nursing Students: Balancing Responsibilities and Relationships. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Harkins, Patricia; Immediate Post Discharge Concerns and Coping of Benign Posthysterectomy Patients. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Jacobs, Velma; Informational Needs of Post-Surgical Patients Following Discharge Marianne Lamb. Supervisor: 

Jacobs, Yonne; Factors Influencing the Use of Physical Restraints on Elderly Patients in Acute Care Settings in St. John's, Newfoundland. Supervisor: Kathryn Hustins.

Manning, Ann; Preventing and Managing Illness in Child Care Settings: A Program Evaluation. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Baker, Pamela; Illness Meanings and Perceptions of of Control and Uncertainty in Women with Breast Cancer. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Chubbs, Judy; An Evaluation of Two Patient Classification Systems as the Determinants of a Staffing Pattern for Medical Patients. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.

Parsons, Karen; The Experience of Caregiving for a Family Member with Alzheimer's Disease: "A Male Perspective".  Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Roberts, Gola; Postpartum Adaptation-First Time Mother's Experiences. Supervisor: Dr. Christine Way.


Basha, Mary; A Study to Examine the Effects of the Postpartum Parent Support Program (PPSP) on a Group of Primiparous Mothers at Four to Six Weeks Postpartum. Supervisor: Kay Matthews.

Davis, Bette; An Investigation of the Educational Preparation of Nurses Prior to Working in Land-based Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers in Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Roberts.

Kelly, Colleen; A Nursing Investigation of Factors Identified by Newfoundland Women that may influence Screening for Cancer of the Cervix. Supervisor: Kathryn Hustins.

Lono, Kathryn; An Investigation of the Relationships Among Meaning, Psychological Well- Being and Caregiver Burden. Supervisor: Kathryn Hustins.

Ludlow, Anita; Self-Efficacy, Self-Care and Glycemic Control in Individuals with noninsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

MacKinnon, Marian; Towards Meeting the Health Care Needs of the Chinese Elderly; Meaning and Potential Consequences Associated with Care Receiving for The Chinese Elderly. Supervisor: Dr. Lan Gien.

Nowe, Margaret; Concerns of Mothers of Preterm LBW Infants During the First Week of the Infants' Hospital Discharge. Supervisor: Maureen Laryea


Brown, Janice; The Paternal Experience of Parenting a Child who has Down Syndrome. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Lundrigan, Doris (Betty); Information Seeking of Pregnant Women: A Grounded Theory Approach. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Pike, Sandra; Assessing the Impact of a Specially Designed Cardiovascular Health Education Program for Adolescents. Supervisor: Dr. Suzan Banoub-Baddour.

Salyzyn, Deborah; A Nursing Investigation of the Coping Responses of a Sample of Battered Women who have Entered a Transition House in Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Kathryn Hustins.


Crowley, Marion; Parents' Perceptions of the Influence of Genetic Counselling and Reproductive Decision-Making Following the Birth of A Child with Neural Tube Defect. Supervisor: Dr. Suzan Banoub-Baddour.

Hawkins, Heather; Concerns of Primiparous Mothers During the First Forty-eight to Seventy-two Hours Following Hospital Discharge and the Availability of Support Systems. Supervisor: Dr. Suzan Banoub-Baddour.

Power, Judy; Social Support and Community Functioning of Clients with Schizophrenia: A Nursing Investigation.

Royle, Catherine; The Psychosocial Development of Adolescent Siblings of Children with Spina Bifida. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Bennett, Lorna; The Lived Experience of Witnessing Marital Violence in Adolescent Girls: A Phenomenological Study. Supervisors: Dr. Leslie Hardy/Alan Kenworthy.

Jiwani, Gulrose; Self-Esteem, Family Perception, and Therapy Preferences of Depressed Individuals: An Exploratory Study. Supervisors: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook/Deborah Smith.

LeFort, Sandra; Pain and Disability in Low Back Injured Individuals Participating in a Physical Fitness Program. Supervisor: Dr. L. Hardy.

Murphy-Goodridge, Janet; Maternal Perception of Postpartal Nursing Support for Breastfeeding Offered During Hospitalization. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley. Solberg.

O'Driscoll, Elizabeth; Maternal Responses to Infant Crying During the First Postpartum Month. Supervisors: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook/Dr. Patricia Roberts.

Thibeault, Catherine; An Investigation of the Occupational Health Status of Psychiatric Nursing Nurses Working in an Isolated Setting. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


McKim, Edna; The Support Needs of Mothers of High Risk Premature Infants. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.

Olsson, Karen; Information Sharing: A Nursing Strategy to Facilitate Informed Prenatal Decision-Making in Infant Feeding. Supervisor: Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Hustins. Kathryn; Psychological Distress and Social Support in Bereavement: A Nursing Investigation of Middle Aged Newfoundland Widows. Supervisor: Dr. Caroline White.

Matthews, Kay; The Effects of Maternal Labour Analgesia on Infant Breastfeeding in the First Four Days after Birth. Supervisors: Dr. Caroline White/Dr. Shirley Solberg.


Maddigan, Joy; Relationships Between Health Value, Health Focus of Control and Adolescent Lifestyle Behaviors: Relevance for the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse. Supervisor:Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook.

Yamashita, Mineko; Ethnography: Primary Nursing - An Investigation of One Type of Patient Care Modality. Supervisors: Dr. Sam Danguah/Dr. Suzan Banoub-Baddour.


Blair, Charles; Effect of Nursing Therapeutic Millieu on Self Care Behaviors of Nursing Home Residents. Supervisor: Dr. Sam Danguah.


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