Nursing students turn some heads

As part of a term paper, the students developed five resolutions that they presented to their national nursing student association, the Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA). And of the five, three of those resolutions were adopted.

Students Robyn Wrice and Traci Trimm (pictured right) acted as Memorial’s national delegates, presenting the resolutions at the 40th annual CNSA national conference. Ms. Wrice admitted that it was a very intimidating process. “Traci and I had to stand up at a microphone for about an hour and present five statements to over 100 people and answer any questions that the national assembly had about them. There were some great debates as well.”

“The first one we presented was our own group’s statement and that one was passed with really no issues. So, it got us excited about the others,” added Ms. Wrice. “It was a great feeling to see three out of five passed! The board of directors was so pleased with all the hard work from MUN and we had other delegates approach us to commend us on a job well done.”

The resolutions are:

  • That the CNSA promote the benefits of interprofessional education (IPE) in nursing education programs and work to implement IPE as mandatory accreditation criteria;
  • that the CNSA promote health equity through harm reduction strategies in nursing practice and education; that CNSA take a leadership role in ensuring nursing schools provide quality clinical education experiences for nursing students; and
  • that the CNSA recognize that complementary therapies are effective and cost efficient approaches to nursing care, and lobby for programs that prepare future nurses to advocate and implement complementary therapies.

The resolutions will be posted on the CNSA website and will become part of the association and what they advocate for. “It is great to see nursing students contribute so much to a national organization. We could not have done this work without the help, and guidance from Dr. Sandra MacDonald. The board of directors was even impressed to see such a supportive faculty member.”

"It is the dream of every teacher to work with students who are so dedicated and motivated. It is good to know that the future of nursing is in their hands. I expect great and wonderful things from them, especially now that they know the strength of their own voices,” commented Dr. MacDonald.

This was the largest number of resolutions ever presented by Memorial, which was the only university to present position statements at the conference. The event was attended by more than 600 nursing students from across Canada.


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