Drs. Jean and Angus Bruneau

Jean and Angus Bruneau - donors
The Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music owes its very existence to the generosity of patrons Drs. Angus and Jean Bruneau. Well known for their generosity bestowed upon several programs and schools, the Bruneaus are certainly among the most "giving" private patrons to have supported the Memorial family for many years. But some may wonder, why the specific support for choral music? There are key factors that shed some light on this.

The Bruneaus’ love of choral singing can be traced back several decades as indicted by their active membership in the congregation and choir of St. David's Presbyterian Church. In addition to that, Angus was the first Chair of the world-renowned Festival500 during which time he helped the inspiration and presentation of some of the most prestigious choral experiences that any of us had ever previously witnessed. Likewise, Jean was heavily involved in the community aspects of the festival, playing a leading role in organizing the army of volunteers on more than one occasion. With this "hands-on" experience in the area of choral singing, it is little wonder that the Bruneaus decided to extend the delivery of choral music to more and more areas of Newfoundland and Labrador by providing a vehicle that would, in their own words, "continue to create ripples in the choral community." What a generous windfall it has been for us all!

~Dr. Douglas Dunsmore (BCECM Director, 2013-2015)

BCECM Executive Board

Director (to be announced)
Bob Chilcott
Ray Gosine
Jakub Martinec
Gillian Peters
Caroline Schiller
Maxine Stanley

BCECM Secretary: Maureen Houston 

Project Coordinator: Nicole Helwig 

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