About MUNdays

This year MUNdays has a new face on campus. Instead of a week full of events, Memorial is celebrating our brilliant students, faculty, staff and alumni all year long – and we want your help. Thinking about planning an event that celebrates Memorial’s diversity, ingenuity, community service, kindness and excellence? Currently registered students, faculty and staff are invited to apply to make their event a MUNdays event.

Benefits of planning a MUNdays event include:

  • Event planning, logistics, marketing and promotion advice and support. 
  • Inclusion in MUNdays promotional content – social media, website content and calendar of events.
  • On site support (if availability of MUNdays Co-ordinator permits) the day of the event. 
  • Potential for event funding (up to a maximum of $500).

To become part of MUNdays, your event must:

  • Target students, faculty, staff and/or alumni, or any combination thereof, and be open to the whole university community. 
  • Touch on at least one of the overall themes of MUNdays; diversity, ingenuity, community service, kindness and excellence. 
  • Build affinity with Memorial; priority for funding will be given to events that also contain a learning objective for attendees. 
  • Positively impact the university community. Event organizers must demonstrate how this will be accomplished. 
  • Have a planning committee – since most successful events are the result of a team effort.
  • To recieve approved funding you must complete and submit the Final MUNdays Report within two weeks of the event conclusion. Please include any feedback that you have received regarding your event – this will help with overall planning purposes for the MUNdays program.

Become a MUNdays Branded Event

Submit the MUNdays Event Submission Form in order to have your event considered. A committee will meet to evaluate all applications. The fall deadline is open all semester (as funds permit). The application deadline for winter and spring semester is , January 15 and May 15, respectively. The fall deadline is open all semester (as funds permit). 

Events approved will be eligible for the supports and benefits listed above. Need funding as well? Read below!

Applying for Funding

Funding for your event is also available (up to $500). In order to be considered for event funding please complete the funding portion of the MUNdays Event Submission Form. Application status will be determined within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

If you’ve been approved to receive funding for your event, you will be required to submit the Final MUNdays Report within two weeks of the event conclusion. Please have a look at this report prior to your event to ensure you are familiar with the questions (you'll need to be taking notes throughout your event!). You will not receive the full amount of funds until the Final MUNdays Report has been submitted.

Please note should your event be cancelled, funds must be returned to The Division of Marketing and Communications. 

Have Questions? 

Feel free to get in contact with the MUNdays Co-ordinator, Erin Delaney, if you have any questions or require additional information.

Email: edelaney@mun.ca

Phone: 864-8415 



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