Ethnomusicology Program Alumni

PhD Dissertations in Ethnomusicology

Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw – 2017 "Curating Canadianess": Public Service Broadcasting, Fusion Programming, and Hierarchies of Difference

Mark Finch – 2016 “Bluegrass In and Around Toronto”: Urban Scenes, Regional Imaginaries, and Divergent Trajectories

Leila Qashu – Fall 2016 “Towards an Understanding of Justice, Belief and Women's Rights": Ateetee, an Arsi Oromo women's musical dispute resolution process in Ethiopia

Mary Piercey-Lewis – May 2015 "Inulariuyunga: Imngirnik Quvigiyaqaqtunga!" I'm a Real Inuk; I Love to Sing! Interactions Between Music, Inummariit and Belief in an Inuit Community Since Resettlement

Ian Hayes – Fall 2014 "It's a balancing act. That's the secret to making this music fit in today": Negotiation Professional and Vernacular Boundaries in Cape Breton Fiddling

Marion MacLeod – Fall 2013 "Raising the Bar": The Reciprocal Roles and Deviant distinctions of Music and Alcohol in Acadiana

Evelyn Osborne – Spring 2013 "The Most (Imagined) Irish Place in the World?" The Interaction Between Irish and Newfoundland Musicians, Media and the Musical Construction of Place

Judith Klassen – Fall 2008 "Encoding Song": Faithful Defiance in Mexican Mennonite Music Making

Janice Esther Tulk – Fall 2008 “Our Strength is Ourselves”: Identity, Status, and Cultural Revitalization Among the Mi’kmaq in Newfoundland

Master of Arts – Theses 

Rachel Landy – Spring 2011 “Hip Hop for Health Promotion”: An Exploratory Descriptive Study of Hip Hop-Based HIV/AIDS Education

Samantha Fletcher – Spring 2008 “Good Works” with Benefits: Using Applied Ethnomusicology and Participatory Action Research in Benefit Concert Production at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver

Kathleen Wiens – Spring 2008 Music and Politics in the Croatian-Canadian Community

Master of Arts – Major Research Papers

Vanessa Shalton – Winter 2017 "Tiens-Toé Ben" (Hold On): Swing and Franco-Ontarian Identity

Daniel Hawkins – Fall 2016 "Becoming Part of the Shared Tune": Participation and Disarray at Maine Fiddle Camp

Melody McKiver – Spring 2014 A Tribe Called Red: Creating a Place for Decolonization

Amanda Ironside – Spring 2014 Sandy MacIntyre and the Cape Breton Sessions

Krista Vincent – Spring 2014 “Talking About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture”: New Listeners and Contemporary Classical Music Reception

Mehrenegar Rostami – Fall 2014 Approaches to Improvisation and Intercultural Musical Encounter in Silent City

Emeline Reynolds – Spring 2013 “How Can I Keep From Singing?": Interactions of Faith, Practice, and History in the Music of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in New England

Jasmine McMorran – Spring 2013 “Cape Breton Piano”: The Progression and Passing on of Innovation and Tradition

David Lander – Spring 2012 The Production of the Reykjavik Music Scene Through the Iceland Airwaves Festival

Kathryn (Meghan) Bowen –“Innovation and Continuity”: The Application of Liturgical Inculturation in Two Churches in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Victor Tung – Spring 2012 “Revitalized and Contextualized Music among Aboriginal Taiwanese”: A Study of Christian Siraya in Jioucengling Village

Tiffany Pollack – Spring 2010 Musical Routes Creating Community Roots

Alison Corbett – Spring 2010

Marc Finch – Fall 2010 “Performance and the Experience of Authenticity”: An Ethnography of Two Bluegrass Nights in Toronto

Michelle Swab – Spring 2010 “On Collaboration”: Embodied Intersubjectivity and Singer-Pianist Relationships

Patrick Brennan – Fall 2009 “Art Rock”: Nationalism, cultural Distinctiveness, and Reflections of the Group of Seven in Canadian Popular Music

Evelyne Lavoie – Spring 2009 Concept, Context and Collaboration in R. Murray Schafer’s Patria 7: Asterion

Jordan Mitchell – Spring 2009 “Lyrical muse-ings”: an inter-individual analysis of lyrics, lyricists and music within a small community in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Erin Sharpe – Spring 2009 Music and Identity Construction Among Mi’kmaq in Bay St. George, Newfoundland

Jeremy Strachan – Spring 2009 Nationalism, the Centennial and Canadian Classical Music: Three Case Studies of Composers Using Indigenous Cultural Texts

Heather Wright – Spring 2009 “Taking Up (Men’s) Space”: Female Musicians’ Experience and Identity-Construction in the Traditionally Male-Dominated World of Highland Piping

Ainslie Durnin – Fall 2008 “(Un)expected Sounds”: Cross-Cultural Listeners’ Perceptions of Contemporary Sami Music

Kelly Best – Fall 2006 A Performance Ethnography of the 2005 Beaches Accordion Festival, Eastport, Newfoundland


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