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Suryakant K. Shah

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics MB.Ch.B. (Makerere), M.Med. (Pediatrics; Nairobi), FAAP, FRCPC

Pediatrics Cardiology

777-4304 / 777-4768


Pediatric Cardiology Janeway Childrenâ€TMs Health and Rehabilitation Centre 300 Prince Phillip Drive . St. Johnâ€TMs . A1B3V6 Newfoundland . Canada . Telephone: 1-709-777-4768(W) 4304. FAX: 1-709-777-4747.

Research Interests:

Present research projects

1. Re-coarctation of aorta echocardiographic and MRI correlation

2. Long-term outcome of coarctation repair

3. Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (CIHR-funded project in colloboration with Drs. Sean Connors, Patrick Parfrey and Bridget Fernandez and Christina Templeton.

4. Tetralogy of fallot long-term outcome

5. Genetics of congenital heart disease.

Research Projects Completed

1. RSV and heart: holter monitoring and echocardiographic findings.

2. Cholesterol Screening in Pediatrics in Alberta - Protocol written for grants with Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, Professor of Paediatrics and Pediatric Cardiologist, University of Alberta .

3. Circulatory effects of Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition on Hypoxia in unsedated Lambs Posture Presentation at Canadian cardiovascular meeting in Montreal on Oct. 31, 1996

4. Using a new Retrievable Modified Coil to occlude the PDA in infants and children. Presented at Poster session II, Canadian Cardiovascular meeting in Montreal on October 30.

5. Coarctation of Aorta – Long-term outcome

Poster Presentation at the 81st Annual Canadian Pediatric Society Meeting in Montreal . 2004.

Selected Publications

Shah, S.K., Scott, J.W., and Sharratt, G.P. Congestive Heart failure in an Infant Secondary to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Grenfell Clinical Quarterly, Vol.4., No. 3. 42-48, 1988.

Shah, S.K. and Scott, J.W. Urinary Tract Infection in Children at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital . Grenfell Clinical Quarterly, Vol.2., No. 2. 144-147, 1986.

Forbes, C.B. and Shah, S.K. Ketotifen as Prophylaxis in Asthmatic Children. East African Medical Journal, April 1986.

Shah, S.K. Urinary Tract Infection in Childhood. A dissertation presented to the University of Nairobi , fulfilling requirements towards Master of Medicine. 1976.

Hansen, D.P., Silverstein, D.M., Warshow, M.M., Ojiambo, H.P. and Shah, S.K. Coarctation of Aorta in Nairobi , East African Medical Journal 55. 199, 1978.

Odouri, M.L. and Shah, S.K. Sub-Acute Sclerosing Pan-encephalitis in Kenya . Published in Degenerative Disorders in the African Environments. Bennett, F.J., Nhonoli, A.M., Nzanzumuhive, H. (Eds,) Page 197. E.A. Literature Bureau 1975..

Silverstein, D.M., Shah, S.K., Warshow, M.M., Hansen, D.P. and Ojiambo, H.P. Cardiomyopathy in Young Kenyans. Published in Ciba-Geigy publication Cardiovascular Disease in Africa, (Ed. Akinkugbe, O.O.) page 148, 1976.

Ongeri, S.K. and Shah, S.K. Acute Renal failure in Children, East Africa Medical Journal 51:173, 1974. (Abstract). Read at the annual East African Physician's Conference in June 1973 in Nairobi .

Letters To Editors

1. Shah, Surya K. Neonatal Resuscitation: Comment. Can. Fam. Physician 1989; 36: 221.

2. Walsh, E., Cramer, B. and Shah, S.K. Spinal Cord Calcification in Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection. Am. J Ragiol. 1990; 155: 1142-1143.

Papers Read

1. Historical and Angiocardiographic Review of Coarctation of Aorta. Kenya Medical Association - Annual Conference, Mombasa , Kenya . March 1976.

2. Birth Weights of Newborn Babies at the Provincial General Hospital , Machakos , Kenya . Annual Pediatricians Conference. Nairobi , Kenya . 1977.

3. Nutritional Requirements in children at Maternal and Child Health/Family Planning Seminar in Meru, Northern Kenya . 1977.

4. Ventricular Septal Defect - The Spectrum as seen at the Kenyatta National Hospital . Annual Kenya Medical Association Conference. Kisumu , Kenya . March 1981.

5. Patent Ductus Arteriosus at the High Altitude. Pan African Congress of Cardiology. Lagos , Nigeria . May 1981.

6. Hemodynamics and Clinical Features of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children under the age of 10 years at Kenyatta National Hospital . Pan African Congress of Cardiology of Cardiology. Lagos , Nigeria . May 1981.

7. Congenital Cyanotic Heart Disease as seen at Kenyatta National Hospital . Annual Kenya Medical Association Conference. Mombasa , Kenya . April 1982.

8. Congenital Heart Disease as seen at the Pediatric Cardiac Clinic and Kenyatta National Hospital . 1975-1980. International Congress of Tropical Cardiology. Nairobi , Kenya . April 1983.

9. Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children - the Kenyan Experience. International Congress of Tropical Cardiology. Nairobi , Kenya . April 1983.

10. Infantile Spasms. Annual Summer Meeting. Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital . St.Anthony, Newfoundland . May 1987.

11. Reye Syndrome in an Infant. Case presentation and discussion. Annual Summer Meeting. St. Anthony , Newfoundland . June 1989.

12. Emergency in Pediatrics. Lecture at the Family Practice Meeting at the Melville Hospital . Goose Bay , Labrador . April 1990.

13. Workshop in Neonatal Resuscitation conducted at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital . St.Anthony, Newfoundland . May 1990 during the Annual Summer Meeting with Dr. John Hortop from Montreal Children's Hospital.

14. Grand rounds at the Janeway

  • Manifestation of Congenital Heart Defect in Newborn Syncope
  • Syncope in Children
  • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
  • Murmurs in Children – When to refer
  • How not to miss Congenital heart defects and cardiac disease in newborn, infants and children.
  • Congenital Heart Defect 22 q 11 deletion Spectrum
  • Skills for the New Millennium – Review of the CanMEDS 2000.
  • How to set up examinations questions for the Short Answer Questions exams, Multiple Choice Questions and OSCE.
  • Who’s done it? A review of etiology of the Congenital Heart Defect in infants and Children

15. April 1998. Clinical Day in Child Health. Heart Murmurs - Who needs to be referred.

16. May 1999 CME – Western Memorial Regional Hospital – Congenital heart defects in Newborn.

17. Regular CME at Melville Hospital in GooseBay.