Audience-based menu

Group content by target audience using the Audience-based menu widget.

If you would like an Audience-based menu widget on your website, please fill out the Marketing Request for Services form to request it. Once you have the Audience-based menu (ABM) widget, it will appear in the Extra Menu Widget. To access the Extra Menu Widget, first click on Content at the top of your window.

In the left side menu, click on Extra Menu Widget.

extra menu widget example

Once in the Extra Menu Widget, click on the white button to the left of “Audience-based” or “Audience” in the list.

audience based menu example

The ABM will appear below under Groupings, like in the picture below:

audience based menu example

Click once on the yellow folder you want to add a link to, next to ABM and a drop down menu will appear with fields for you to enter in your link name and the URL.

audience based menu example

Enter your content into the fields and to then save it, you must click the small green plus sign next to the URL field. This will create the button in the ABM widget.

Continue adding your desired items to the ABM, and when ready to publish, click on the “Publish Menu” button at the bottom of your screen. This will make the ABM live on your website.

audience based menu example

If you want to remove items from your ABM, simply click on the small red x next to the link you wish to remove. Then press “Publish Menu” to save the changes.

audience based menu example


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