Departmental links

Departmental links appear on all your pages, or within a specific set of pages.

They are managed differently than related links. Like related links, however, they appear at the bottom of your page under Related Content.

Departmental links can only be added by local administrators.

To add a departmental link:

1. Click "Admin"

2. On the left-hand side click "Departmental Links" and you will see:

3. Type the name of the link in the "Link Label" field
4. Provide the address in the "Link URL" field
5. Click "Add Departmental Link"

And you're done! Your link will now appear on your pages.

  • When providing the URL, be sure to include the prefix "http://www."
  • You can also change the order that departmental links appear by selecting the "Change Link Order" in the above image and using the arrows to select and reposition departmental links.
  • To remove departmental links: Go to the "Departmental Links" section of the "Admin" tab (as above). Click on the trash can icon next to the departmental link you wish to remove.



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