Managing user permissions

There are two user types in Site Builder: local adminstrators and basic users. Basic users cannot edit a page until they have been given permission to access the page by a site administrator. Local administrators can also grant themselves permission to edit a page that has been created by another user.

Before someone can be added as a local adminstrator, they must register for our local adminstrator training

Am I a local administrator?

You can tell whether or not you are a local administrator by looking at the menu in site builder. If you are an admin for a website, you will see an "Admin" tab in your menu. The "Admin" tab is only present for local administrators.

What does it mean to be a local adminstrator?

Local administrators have greater permissions than basic users. For example, a local admin can add users to their website, delete users, grant users (and themelsves) permissions to edit pages, and they can make structural changes to a website that a basic user cannot.

How can I become a local administrator?

Discuss with your supervisor or department head whether you require local administrator access. If approved, register for local administrator training.

How can I tell who is a local administrator?

Basic users should contact us to find out who in their department is a local administrator.


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