Grant permission to edit pages

A local adminstrator must grant a new user permissions to any pages the new user will be editing. 

If a user is sees a locked icon next to a page they are trying to edit, and cannot see the edit page icon, this means that they don't have permission to edit the pages. 

The user must ask a local administrator to grant them permission to edit pages. This also applies to new local admins, but local admins can grant themselves permissions for edit a page.

To grant permission for users to edit pages:
  1. Click "Admin"
  2. Click "Content Permissions"
  3. Click on the folder containing the pages you want your user to have access to. Once you do so, a list of pages in that folder will appear.
  4. Locate the individual's name in the list under "Manage Permissions" (note: names are blacked out in the image below)

  5. Select the pages you want to the individual to have access to
  6. Click "Make Permission Changes"

The locked icon will be replaced with a rotary buttonand the edit iconwill appear to the right of a page. 

  • Once you give yourself or another user permission, they will have access to those pages going forward, as long as they are a user on the website.


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