Format text


The first row of the WYSIWYG editor handles text formatting. 

Fontshow to format text in Site builder

Marketing & Communications has predetermined fonts and formatting styles for Site Builder. This keeps the appearance of all sites consistent. You can format fonts as paragraphs, quotes or headings.

Additionally, bold and italic have been enabled. However, underline is not a formatting option as it is easily confused on the web with in-text links.  


Text and other page elements can be justified on a page, similarly to word processing software. An entire page, or just elements of it, can be forced to: 

Align left

Align center

Align right

Or align full. 

Bullets and Numbering
  • Text 
  • can
  • be
  • bulleted,
  1. or
  2. it 
  3. can
  4. be
  5. numbered 


Indenting can be increased

or decreased. 

Undo and Redo

Your previous edits can be undone or redone. 

A few notes:
  • If creating text outside of the editor, paste it in Site Builder as plain text. One way to do this is to copy and paste into notepad before pasting into Site Builder. Allow yourself time to format text you import.
  • A soft return enables you to drop text to the line below without a large space between lines of text. To use a soft return hold the "shift" key while pressing the "return" key.


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