Update a page

There are three steps to updating a page on mun.ca using Site Builder:
      1. Find the page
      2. Make the edits
      3. Save your changes
1. Find the page

The quickest way to find the page is to scroll to the bottom of that published page and click the last updated date, which looks like this:

the last updated link

Clicking on the date will open up the page in Site Builder in a new tab.


If you see this error message when you click on the last updated date, it means you do not have permission to edit the content on this page. You must have permission to edit the page before you can proceed.

Another way to find the page is to locate it within Site Builder. Once in Site Builder, click "content" and find the page in a folder.

  • Examine the URL of the page you wish to edit to help you find it.

For example:
http://www.mun.ca/marcomm/resources/index.php indicates the index page, located in the resources folder of the Marcomm website

  • Once you find the page you wish to edit, click the edit icon
2. Make edits

You've found the page, now you need to make changes. Once you have selected a page to edit, you will see the screen below. Using the editable text area (the WYSIWYG editor) proceed to edit the content on your page. 

Once you have finished editing, be sure to save changes.

how to update a page in Site Builder

3. Save changes

To save a page, we recommend publishing the page to your site.

  • Using the "Save Draft" feature is not recommended, as sometimes draft pages lock and prevent you from editing them. Check out the Troubleshooting section for more information on what to do if your Draft pages lock.
    • It is recommended that you construct your content in a program such as Microsoft Word, and then move it into your page.
  • When you publish a page, if you do not link it to a menu, the general public will not be able to find it unless they know the link, or find it via a search engine. This allows you to make edits in a semi-private environment.
  • Once you've updated a page, remember to add meta elements so search engines will be able to find your page.
  • Deleting pages is also possible on Site Builder, but we advise caution when deleting pages; once they're gone, they're gone.


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