Linking a new page

Once you've created a new page, you will want to link to it somewhere in your website's navigation so users can find your page.

There are four primary ways to link to your page:

  1. Main menu navigation bar (shown below)
  2. Left-hand links on a main section page (shown below)
  3. A hyperlink to your new page in the text of any page on your site
  4. call to action button on your home page

Creating a main menu link or a left-hand link

To link your page to your main menu or as a left-hand link on a page, click the admin tab at the top of your page in Site Builder, and then click the Menus tab in the sidebar:

If you want to create a link to your page in the main menu navigation, click the grey [top level] icon.

If you want to create a left-hand link to your new page on an exsiting main section page, click on the main section you want to link to, and a red arrow will appear beside it, as shown below:

Now, scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the beige box shown below:

Click the dropdown menu across from "internal," and select your page.

All the other fields will populate automotically.

The "Label" field determines how your page title will be displayed in your main menu or left-hand link, so, if you would like to edit how your page title displays in your navigation, you can do so here. 

Click "Add menu item" to finish linking your page. 

Note:You can change the order of your main menu items or left-hand links by clicking the "change menu order" tab on the beige box.


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