Create a new page

To add a new page to your website, click the Content tab at the top of your screen.

content tab

Next, you must select the section folder where you would like your new page to live.

Once you select a folder, it will change from closed to open, and a small triangle icon will appear next to it, like this:

Scroll to the bottom of the "Content" section to locate the beige "Current Sections Actions" box. Click the button "Create New Page."

new page button

From here, you will be taken to the WYSIWYG editor to add the content (text, images, videos) to your page. Visit the WYSIWYG page to learn how to use the page editor. 

Choosing a file name 

The first field you need to complete when creating a new page is the "file name."A page's file name becomes the last segment of the page's URL.:

It is essential that your page's file name follows these rules:

  • use all lowercase letters
  • use fewer than 40 characters
  • do not use special characters like @ or #
  • do not use spaces between words. Use a dash instead of a space, or run the words together (example: type about-us or aboutus, not about us)

To help you follow these rules, your file name can be a contracted version of your page title. For example, if your page title is "Meet Our Faculty Members," your file name could be: faculty. Shorter is better because your file name becomes part of your page's URL. 

Choosing a page title

Your page title will appear at the top of your page, above all content on your page. Unlike a file name, your page title can be edited at anytime.

Your page title should follow these rules:

  • Be descriptive. Users should know from reading your page title what information they will find on your page. "Welcome" is a poor page title whereas "Our programs" is informative.
  • To adhere to Memorial's style guide, a page title should follow "sentence case." In sentence case, we only capitilize the first word in a title, and any words that are normally capitilized, like a person's name. For example: About us (not About Us).

Once you are done building your page, click the publish button at the bottom of your screen, and your page is published.

What's the next step? Create a link to your new page.


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