Photo galleries

Photo galleries are a great way to showcase multiple images without slowing down the page loading time.

If you're looking to use a photo gallery, also known as a photo album, on your website, Flickr is a great way to display multiple photos in one spot.

To embed a Flickr photo gallery on a Site Builder page, you must first create a Flickr account and upload your photos there into an Album.

Then, go to Albums, find the album you want to embed, hover over it so the Share icon appears, then click it. Share

Click Embed, then select a size and if you want a Header or Footer to appear.

Copy the code, then click the X in the top right corner to exit the Embed window on Flickr.

Open the HTML on your Site Builder page, and paste the copied code in.

html embed

Once you press "Update", your new embedded album will appear like the album below:

Aerials and panoramics


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