Linking pages to subsections

To add submenus (also known as subfolders) and submenu items, you need to consider your site's structure.
  • Local administrators can manage a site's structure through the creation, modification and deletion of sections.
  • Once your site structure is established with sections and contains content you can add submenu items.
  • If you are setting up your site structure for the first time, please submit a request for support via the Marketing and Web Request for Services form

To add pages to a submenu:

  1. Click "Admin"Admin
  2. Click "Sections"Sections
  3. Locate the folder you want to add a subfolder to and click on the folder icon across from it under "Action".
  4. Fill in the empty "Section Title" and "Dir Name" fields. Then click "Add".
    • *note: the directory name should be all lowercase, and will become part of the public URL
    • *note: you can rename Section Titles, but you cannot rename Directory Names.

Once you have added the new submenu, you must go to "Content", locate the folder you just created, and create an index page, so the folder will have something to display. The index page File name must be "index.php" in order for the menu to work properly.

  1. Click "Menus" on the left
  2. Under "Select a section" click the folder where you want to add a menu item (a red arrow will appear on the left of the folder you have selected)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Add menu item"
    • If linking to an internal page or file, select the page from the drop-down options
    • If linking to an external page or file, label the menu item, and provide the URL
  4. Click "Add menu item"

Now preview your site and your menu item should appear. 

A few notes:
  • when linking to an external URL, be sure to include the prefix "http://www." 
  • to change the order menu items appear, click the tab "change menu order," select the item, move it up or down the list using the arrows, then click the "change menu order" button to apply changes


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