Creating a new section

Creating a section in your Site Builder website is fairly straightforward, and is done through the Admin section.

Sections appear as folders within Site Builder, so the words "folder" and "section" are interchangeable throughout Builder. On this page, you'll learn how to create a section, create a subsection, and the importance of creating index pages for every section/subsection you create.

To add a new main navigation menu section/folder, simply:

  1. Go to "Admin".
  2. Click on "Sections".
  3. Click on the folder icon to the right of the "Home" directory, indicated in the image below, under "Action".
    managing sections
  4. Once clicked, a couple of fields will appear for you to complete - the "Section Title" and the "Dir Name". Remember: the Directory name becomes part of the website address for any pages that will live within the folder, so keep your Directory name short, do not use spaces between words in the Directory name, and it must be all lowercase letters. Once the fields are completed, click "Add".
    managing sections
  5. Your new section is now created!
Creating a subsection is basically the same process as creating a section.

To create a subsection/subfolder:

  1. Go to "Admin".
  2. Click on "Sections".
  3. Locate the folder you want to created the subfolder in, and click on the folder icon to the right, as indicated in the image below:
    managing subsections
  4. Complete the "Section Title" and "Dir Name" fields, then click "Add". (Just as with main menu sections, the Directory name but be lowercase and contain no spaces.)
    managing subsections
  5. Your subsection has now been created.

Index pages are essential!!

Once you have created your section or subsection, the next step in both cases is to create an index page for the folder/subfolder. The index page is essential for proper website set up and structure. You must always have an index page!


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