Linking pages to their sections

Once you have created a page in Site Builder, while it may exist on the Internet, there is one more step you must take to link it to your website.

When you create a folder, the first page you must create in that folder is the "index" page. The index page is then linked back to the rest of the site by being added to its parent folder.

Any other pages created in the folder must be linked back to that same folder. To link pages back to their folder:

  1. Go to "Admin". Admin tab
  2. Go to "Menus". Menus
  3. Locate the folder you want to add the pages to.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the "Add Menu Item" section, click the dropdown menu and select the page you want to add. Then click "Add Menu Item".linking pages
  5. Your webpage will now appear in the left side menu of your screen!leftside menu

There is no need to add the "index" page to its own folder. Index pages must be added to the parent folder in order to properly connect the folder to the rest of the website.


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