Creating index pages

Index pages are essential to the creation of Sections and management of Menus.

After you create a new section in Site Builder, the first thing you must do is create an index page for the section. An index page (aka a main section landing page) is simply the page users are brought to when they click a link to your section. Site Builder is programmed to look for an index page in a section folder: if it can't find one, it can't load your section. 

Index pages are also essential for site navigation. If you do not create an index page for your section/folder, your section will not link properly in Menus.

Creating an index page is the same as creating any page within Site Builder, except your file name must be "index":
  1. Go to "Content".
    content tab
  2. Locate the folder that requires an index page.
  3. Once clicked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Create New Page".
    new page button
  4. In the File Name field, put in "index".
    An example of an index page
  5. Populate the page using the WYSIWYG editor.
  6. Click "Publish" to publish your page.

Your index page is now live!

Next, you have to link the index page to its parent section/folder by going to Menus.


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