Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports website usage. Google measures, collects, and analyzes web data to allow web content creators to understand and optimize how visitors use their sites.

When creating content for the web, the creators' goal is to reach audiences with a message and/or service.  The best way to ensure this is happening is for content creators to occasionally evaluating measurements of their site. This can be done by using Google Analytics and its reporting tools.

Google Analytics tracks the activity of users on a site, such as how long users spend on a site (session duration) and the number of pages users visit in a certain session. These statistics can allow web content creators to recognize what visitors are looking for and how they find information. These statistics are very useful when building a site, and can help creators decide how to best arrange and present content. These statistics are also very useful when evaluating the effectiveness of online campaigns and strategies to drive traffic to particular sites.

Google Analytics is supported on all Memorial pages, and as such, there is likely already a history of statistics gathered for your site. Although we do not offer training on how to use Google Analytics, we can set you up with an automatic weekly or monthly report for key statistics, and give you access to Google Analytics. To request a report or to obtain your own account, please fill out the Marketing & Web Request for Services form.

If you wish to learn more about Google Analytics and web analytics in general, here are some useful resources:

  • Google Analytics Academy - this site includes free web analytics courses offered by Google 
  • Occam's Razor - an analytics blog run by a best-selling author and former member of Google's marketing team
  • Bounteous Blog - an analytics blog run by Bounteous, Canada's oldest eCommerce agency


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