Content creation basics

When creating content for the web, consider the 5W1H method, and ask yourself the following questions as you build your content.

WHO? - Who is the audience that this content should be designed for? Will your content cater to multiple audiences? If so, who is the most important?

    • Before constructing your content, brainstorm who the most common visitors to your site will be. Organize potential visitors into broad 'audiences', making note of which audiences will visit your site more.

WHAT? - What is the message you are trying to communicate with your content? What information should you include in your content? What information should you not include?

    • Based on your audiences, brainstorm what they could be potentially searching for on your site. Make sure to include information that answers questions that potential visitors might have. Make sure your content is written for the web.

WHERE? - Where will your content be read? Consider mobile usability and the context through which people will reach your site. 

WHEN? - When will the content be constructed to ensure timely publishing? When will the content be refreshed to ensure it is up to date?

    • Come up with a timeline to ensure the site content is created and published in a timely manner. Utilize Site Builder's page update reminder function to keep your content fresh and up to date.

WHY? - Why are you creating the content? What are the objectives of the content? 

    • Keep your objectives in mind as you create web content and make sure your intended message is included in the content.

HOW? - How should the content be presented? How should the content be structured? How can you make the content easier to navigate?

    • Make sure your content is organized and easy to navigate. Use Site Builder's menu feature to arrange your content in such a way that it is easy for users to find what they need.


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