Content is #1

Know your audience

Understanding your voice and your audiences are essential to effective, authentic communication in the digital world. Web readers, especially your target audiences, expect to recieve current and accurate information on your website. When web readers expectations are not met, you risk losing return visits. 

"Content is king" - Bill Gates

Interested in learning more about writing for the web? Web Content Services offers a web writing workshop for students, faculty and staff who write for


Keep it fresh

In order to effectively communicate your message, you must keep your audience interested. To do this, you need current content. We're here to help you do just that! Web Content Services can provide you with access to free tools and services to help keep your content current.


Is your website lost? 

It might be.

Without a main page textbox, a website lacks identity – it is merely a collection of changing content.

Responding to emerging search engine trends, Web Content Services recommends the main page of every website contain a textbox. Plus, the text within that textbox should reflect the entire site’s content. We can learn from our peers at Grenfell Campus. The main page of their Marketing & Communications site summarizes what you can expect to find in the site’s subpages.

While our website template currently allows a unit to skip static text in favour of exclusively dynamic content feeds, this approach leaves search engines misfiring. Search engines need text from a website’s main page to generate results.

The solution? Get found! Contact Web Content Services to discuss how to add a textbox to your main page and what text will help you get found.


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