Botanical garden rejoins Memorial University as public engagement unit

Mar 26th, 2013

The Office of Public Engagement

Botanical garden rejoins Memorial University as public engagement unit
The change will allow for greater collaboration and participation between the garden and Memorial’s academic units.
“Our garden is a strong research and teaching resource for Memorial students, faculty and staff,” said Liz Klose, director of the garden. “The horticulture, nature, research and public education pillars of the garden will continue to grow through our closer relationship with the university.”
 The transition will also include the future recruitment of an academic lead for the garden, to be tasked with the job of helping the garden develop its academic and scientific research potential and a closer relationship with Memorial’s academic departments. The garden will also become one of several units that report through the Office of Public Engagement.
The garden’s mandate to offer public engagement programming and education opportunities will continue under the new arrangement.
“From the perspective of the garden’s many visitors, it will be business as usual,” Ms. Klose explained. “They will continue to enjoy the allure of our themed gardens, nature trails and public programming.”
There are no changes planned for existing staff positions, with all garden staff now becoming employees of Memorial. The garden’s current board of directors will dissolve under the new arrangement and will evolve into an affinity council, with additional members, who will help advance the garden’s mandate, expand partnership networks and develop opportunities to support the garden’s strategic plan. 
“The outgoing board of directors is pleased with the new developments in the garden’s role at Memorial – we’re supportive of the changes, and look forward to watching as new opportunities unfold,” said Pamela Pippy, current chair of the board.
Ms. Klose also acknowledged the contributions of the Friends of the Garden, a volunteer organization that offers “incredible” support to the operation of the garden.
“Their name says it all – we greatly appreciate their dedication and value their continued contributions as we move ahead. We are confidently looking forward to further developing our relationships with all our stakeholders for the greater success and benefit of the garden.”