Memorial smoke-free on Aug. 1

Jul 31st, 2013

David Sorensen

Memorial smoke-free on Aug. 1

A full smoking ban is set to come into effect at Memorial University. The final stage of the phased-in approach to banning smoking on all campuses begins Aug. 1.

“Memorial is committed to providing a safe, smoke-free environment for its students, faculty and staff,” said Kent Decker, vice-president (administration and finance). “Going smoke-free will make Memorial University a healthier place to live, work and study.”

Memorial University encourages its community to respect the revised smoking policy and the rights of others to a healthy and smoke-free environment.

“The long-term health and safety of students and staff, the detrimental health impact of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke, and the university’s ability to influence community and society through its policies and actions were factors that influenced the board’s decision,” said Mr. Decker.

The university is also conducting an awareness campaign, which includes posters and billboards near campus entrances, to highlight the restrictions.

“We hope and expect smokers to comply with the non-smoking policy,” said Sheila Miller, director of the Department of Health and Safety.

Memorial’s Board of Regents introduced the phased-in smoking ban in 2011, first banning smoking in doorways. Since last year, smoking has been banned at the Marine Institute, and allowed only at one location on the St. John’s campus and a single spot at Grenfell Campus. 

Smoking cessation assistance can be found through Memorial's wellness programs.

For more information see Memorial’s smoking policy.